Saturday, June 20, 2009

youth is wasted on the young!

My Rock Star helped me to bring home more rocks. Now that I have them, I can extend the back garden. Once he was done bringing them into the back yard for me, he was excused to go "hang out". note this spot.

notice some of the non-rock elements in the wall.

This is the new section. Inside and outside of the yard, I stacked the rocks, Sifted the compost, Moved 7 wheelbarrows full of dirt, and planted it. I have to hurry and finish this section, because the next section of yard is for his senior project. which means more rocks. Where will we find them?


  1. I raided other areas of the yard for the plantings, watered them in, then cleaned up. I have been unable to move for two days now. When did I get so OLD? God has been watering my transplants and the rest of the gardens for me yesterday and today.

  2. I know! I have not knit for 2wks as my hands are to sore..just a tiny bit of sewing. I know Ift\ i dont keep them working they stifen up but,...think I over did it & sounds like you did too!

  3. That looks so nice, Michelle! I've just got to come up and see your yard.


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