Wednesday, June 10, 2009

why I hate my mother

Do you remember being 16? It is one of the hardest years of life. You are suddenly torn between the things of childhood and the things of adulthood. The decisions you have to make are more than you can bear sometimes. Your friends are pulling you in one direction and your parents in another. The last thing you will ever admit is that your parents could even remotely be right (gasp). This is where we are today. D. boy is sixteen going on seventeen and even though we have an awesome relationship, I can see that he is weighing my words. Every thing I say is processed according to what his friends would say in a similar conversation. Yesterday our conversation turned to a friend who may not be the best influence on my precious baby. My instinct is to forbid him from having contact with this friend. Of course knowing all about the spirit of rebellion, I did no such thing. I did however bring out my sermon notes and show him that Pastor Tim was talking about this exact thing last week. I read him the verses from II Tim. 3, which describe someone who is in our lives that we may need to cut off from. Flee from. D. is very sensitive and I watched as his brain processed this information. It hurt. He does not want to be cut off from this person. As I watched this struggle, I remembered an
which shows the results of such relationships. I brought a dining room chair into the center of the room. Standing on the chair looking down at him, I proclaimed myself "Christian", and him "Resister". We held hands, then I told him that I was going to bring him up to my level "Christian" but that he was to resist me with all his strength. A tug of war began. As I came toppeling off the chair, I told him that that would always be the result of such a relationship. Very rarely is a friend able to bring the resistant party to Christ. More often, the rebelling person is able to drag the Christian into the mud. I then told him why my mom had used this visualization technique with me and how little I paid attention to her wisdom. That is why I wallowed around in the mud for so many years. While the relationship does not have to come to an end, he does need to be aware that continuing it will mean a constant tightrope walk. One misstep, and you are tumbling down down down.

Don't get me wrong, I know this person needs to see Christ in our lives, I just know that my son is not strong enough to take them there. His faith is undeveloped. (Muscle) and he needs to exercise it more before he is capable of bringing "resister" around to Christ.

In the meantime, my mother was right, so right that her example was resurrected 25 years later. She is always right. ALWAYS

And that folks is why I hate my mother!

Really mom, how did you get so darned smart?


  1. I know you don't really 'hate' your mother! Personally, I think she is one very smart lady! I like her object lesson. Wish I would have done something like that with my son when he was in his teen years!

  2. What is the saying, the older we get the smarter our parents become? How awesome that God held that memory until you were ready to use it! I love to see/hear how he works thru others.

  3. I sure did need that. I also hated my mother. She died last year and I cant tell you how much I miss her.
    I have a similar post up from yesterday.
    I certainly understand you hating your mother...I read her daily.(such wisdom) LOL

  4. Kris, what do you mean usually?


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