Saturday, June 20, 2009

still to come

this is at one of the local stoneyards.
they have some displays that will knock your socks off! We saw this one and began to covet it.

For this spot in the yard.
Every High School senior has to do a major project. Since Darian has been begging to install a fire pit in the yard, we decided to see if he could use it as his senior project. He is now approved and has the summer to complete it. I cant wait! The hard part will be staying out of it while he is working. But, he is also an artist, and I trust that he will do a good job. I just want to do it too. I am not a good supervisor, I will jump in and take over. Hold my hands behind my back please.


  1. That will be a beautiful spot! When we started our patio, we went to a lot of home shows and looks at how the walls and areas were constructed..I photographed them all, that way we could pick each part we liked to combine.Those seats are stone also? How neat!>>How HEAVY!!!!! I cant wait to see progress photos.

  2. You get new landscaping and Darian gets credit! Can't get much better than that! So now just keep your hands behind your back, Karyn! And then show us pics when he's all through with the project.

  3. Oh my word! What a great senior project -- and your family gets to be the beneficiary of it. How exciting! And can't wait for the pitures!!!

    And I, like you, would have to make myself scarce for fear of jumping in and taking over. You're not the oldest child by chance?....

  4. second child, first daughter, rebellious into my 20's, current role: protector of innocent boys


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