Monday, June 15, 2009

mission trip clarifications

Ok, for those of you who asked. The trip is to Paracelis, Philippines. They are building a Bible school/camp/retreat center/seminary. The church (Smokey Point Community) purchased 40 acres about 3 years ago and have sent teams to work before. Two of my friends sons are going, the older will be a Senior next year, the younger a Sophomore. (SCARY). In this economy, they are trying to raise the money by having bake sales, and random odd jobs. Both boys are musically gifted and use thier gifts to glorify God. They and thier other brothers (including a deaf brother) play and sing in the worship team. Each boy needs to raise $2600.00 and have sent letters to people who they feel have in some way impacted thier lives. (ME?) Wow. Good job Laura! I am so proud of them, I will find another way to help besides the bags.

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  1. Always encouraging to see young men using their talents for God! Good for them!


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