Friday, June 12, 2009

In My Garden

Purple poppies, pink paeonaes and red hot pokers. the tropical garden did not survive the winter, but in its place I have zillions of purple poppies. Great big purple poppies. last year, Brystan and Cannyn sprinkled some old seeds I had in the garage. We had a few pretty poppies. When the seedheads opened, my little garden friends and I walked around spreading the seeds. This year the garden is over run with poppies. I even thinned them when they first came up. Cannyn is on tip-toes. he is not quite that tall. But I am 5'2" tall. with the bed raised one foot that means the poppies are at least 4' tall.

I forgot to stake my paeonaes this year, so they are flopping everywhere. Jon came out while I was taking these pictures, and he propped a few up in the magnolia tree so they would photograph better. He is such a linear thinker. I would have just crawled under the flopping plant and took a picture that way.

Nurse Charlotte gave me the red hot poker for the tropical garden last year. It has tripled in size this year. I think she may be having second thoughts now. So am I, they really belong in a tropical garden. Maybe I will try that again.


  1. Love your peonies and purple poppies!

  2. Love the poppies! And those pokers are amazing. Its so odd gardening in the midwest after growing up on the west coast and having the family gardens there.

  3. Save me some poppy seeds. Have I given you any of my orange ones?


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