Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Give aways

Mom is giving things away. Is that how you get friends? I want to give away a great big vial of surging testosterone. My house cannot hold anymore. The third boy is starting to change this year and I have no where to hide. Just kidding! what do you want? Princess house or the waiting list for the bag? That's right, There is now a waiting list! I just got an order for five grocery sized bags. Now I need some lawn furniture and some shade so I can make them through what is promising to be a hot dry summer.


  1. Oooh... you're giving things away, and we get to pick?
    YAY!... I already know what I want!!!

    TIME! I can never get enough of it. ;-)

    You can keep the testosterone though. I had enough of that floating around my house, to last me a lifetime! *sigh*

  2. I'll second Tatersmama & be greedy and ask for some energy also....if you happen to have a bit of extra organization syrum ......Greabags BTW!

  3. Are moms eligible? Not the testosterone, the bag.

  4. Hey, I'm already your friend, and a follower, too, but I'll stand in line for one of your bags, any day! ;-)
    What are they made out of?

  5. plastic bags-gonna capitalize on Al Gore's lies


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