Sunday, June 14, 2009

When I started this BLOG, I thought, "Oh goodie, now I can be funny like my sisters". I couldn;t wait to post all the cute things happening at our house. The problem is that cute things don't happen here. We are in the middle of all things teenaged. Darian is a junior in High School, Cannyn is supposed to be moving on to the his freshman year, and Brystan is in sixth grade. (for 2 more days) We have nothing but drama as they try to figure life out. Darian is pretty easy. He has gotten into trouble, but nothing like other kids his age. Cannyn is more like me and will challenge everything he can. I was rebellious, I wouldn't take the word of authority simply because it was authority. I needed to proove everyone wrong. Cannyn has taken that to a whole new level. He is a great kid. People request him for yard work and now even babysitting. (never) But he is also failing school because he doesn't care or doesn't want to try. I am not "ragging" on him, just stating a fact. Brystan has his own reasons for not doing well in school. He is a relationship driven person. Every thing he does has to be for somebody, and if that somebody doesn't love him, then he isn't going to perform. The best thing I ever did was to put him in a class with one of my old friends as the teacher. He listened to our stories about Mr. D, and made a relationship in his own mind. Then when he met Mr. D, he already liked him. Mr. D likes Brystan and sees how much he can become, and talks to him as if he were important. (thank you Mr. D., you have made a difference!)
Like I have said before, my only goal in life is to raise men of honor, and it is hard! There are so few role models for them. This is why our church is so important. Pastor Tim is teaching a great series on "Living a life worth telling stories about". I like Tims teaching style because he is talking directly to each one of us, I have seen the boys nodding in agreement. (as opposed to nodding off, which I have also seen) Cham is dynamic, and the boys are drawn to him, and I see them wanting to go to youth group.
I was told that the post about the mook maker was being harsh on my husband. Sorry, I was simply stating the facts. That is our life. Or, was. The mook maker has died. It is quiet around here. People are finding things to do, so I guess that life will reshape itself now, I simply hope it is to the Glory of God.
So, I am not funny like my sisters, I am not political like my mother, I am simply the mother of three teenaged boys trying like mad to stay the course. My gardens keep me sane, My mother is the wisest woman I ever met, and My boys are always going to have angst. This is my life.


  1. And you set me straight sometimes. Love you. Great post.

  2. Hey, you are the mother of three angst-filled teenagers because God gave you the strength, character and personality for the job. The wisdom will come from Him. I didn't have three boys because I wasn't cut out for that job. But I was cut out to be a homestay mama to international kids. God knows best!


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