Monday, November 30, 2009


The Santa wall sat as is all week while I focused on finishing my reapholstry project. Last night I took down the picture frame on the left, painted it, sparkled it, and hung it on the wall.

Below, you can see the cute Santa picture, I didn't get a picture of the finished wall.
From now on, I will take a picture as soon as I finish a project. BECAUSE....
Cannyn stood up from the dinner table, knocking off the first picture I had done, and broke the frame! I don't think it is fixable since it is a cheap plastic frame from the thrift store!
And I thought it was SO CUTE! Oh, well, the joy of raising boys (Right?)

I have been having fun with my glitter paint, I will get more pictures posted as I finish these projects up. I promise! .....~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fiona and Twig: Fairy Blog Mothers#links

Fiona and Twig: Fairy Blog Mothers#links Head on over to get entered in her latest giveaway, An Anthropologie gift card and A surprise from her Etsy shop. I Love her style, she is very creative!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

We are spending the day with Mom, Dad, 4 of my brothers and sisters and their spouses.

(Tricia, Dave and boys, You are greatly missed)

AND somewhere in the vicinity of 16 or 17 grandkids! Hope your day is as full as ours!


Rambling on and on and a “Blue Creek Boutique”And A Giveaway !!!

Blue Creek Home: Grand Opening Of “Blue Creek Boutique”And A Giveaway !!! Again, last day to enter. I am not doing this on purpose I promise! I just somehow missed linking this one last week when she started it. BUT- I don't want you to win it! You can go enter for me!!! LOVE

Personal note to Hissyfits; I went to visit you today, and you don't have a way to leave comments, so I tried to friend connect to you from my page, Forgive me, I am a technoidiot, so that did not work. I cannot wait to see your ottoman when it is finished. That may be exactly what I am looking to do! Thank you for your comments! "See" you soon, Karyn

And on to my give away, I am watching the followers list grow! 23 more to go, and I am working on a great giveaway.
Do you want a hint? It is black and white and recycled!!!

Speaking of followers, Have you seen this blog? I followed a link from Tricia's blog to see this creative person, and SHE HAS 900 Followers! UM, WOW!

Can someone please tell me how you link a persons name to their blog? I see you all do it, and I want to be able to do it myself, but I am a technoidiot, and can't figure it out, hey, I just figured out how to post a button this week. Give me a break, I learned computers in the 80's when they were black and white and DOS!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A great big TA DA!!!

I Started working on these chairs last week. ( )But I just finished the second chair tonight. Well almost finished it...Remember my placemat pillows? Well this is another placemat, I split it open and stuffed it and it looked HORRIBLE!!! So, When I was sewing pieces of the chair, I grabbed a scrap of fabric, and a pillow I had bought at Value Village for $2.00 and made an envelope style pillow cover. I just sewed the placemat to the fabric, then folded the fabric and sewed the two sides together and stuffed the (Down and feather) Value village pillow wrapped in batting right inside.
I don't usually buy pillows second hand, but this one was brand new, and feather!

This is the first zipper I have done in about 25 years. I am tired tonight from doing all the apholstery, and I am not good at sewing when I am tired, so the second one will have to wait until tomorrow after work.
(Amazing! It actually functions!)
And here they are in all their new beauty! Just pretend the second chair has her cushion cover on.

I set the chairs in front of the fireplace for a reason.
We have lived in this house for 9 years this weekend.
I have asked for a more traditional mantle and surround for 8 of those years.
I am going to tackle that myself.
But if you can do it so can I!
At least that is what I tell myself as I look at your blog pages!
It helps me sleep better!
This is my first attempt at reapholstering, and I think I have the hang of it now.
I am going to find a great big ottoman to go with them!
And maybe some wingback chairs,
Or a fancy little loveseat,
Then I can move the monstrosity of the couch back into the man cave!
Where it belongs!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Telephone call at work

"Mom, Brystan is shooting me with your staple gun"
"I am NOT! Cannyn is shooting Me!"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

J's Creations - Home

J's Creations - Home Hey folks, my friend is trying to grow her catering business in the Seattle area. If you have the time, could you check out her webpage? Let me know any suggestions you may have to help her get her business moving in the right direction. Thank you, Karyn

Funky Junk Interiors: Sat Nite Special #5 highlights

Funky Junk Interiors: Sat Nite Special #5 highlights I MADE THE HONOR ROLL!!! I was linked up on one of Funky Junks Saturday night specials, and she chose my crochet rug as one of her features! It is like having a magazine article. NOW, what next over the top cool item can I make? Ideas? Anyone?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just a Couple of Makeovers.

Cannyn age 14 Cannyn has earned the right to wear the uniform. This is a big deal. He had to memorize the chain of command, and recite it to his "Chief" Officer. Not bad! I will admit once in awhile the school does something right. After 5 years of floundering in the public schools. And fitful nights for his mother agonizing over what to do with such a brilliant boy, The school decided that he needed to be in a "special" class. It is a science class run by the ROTC (Airforce). Science of flight. Now Honestly, I think they were trying to punish him. But this is exactly where he belongs. He has been planning a military career since he knew how to speak. His Cousin is a Navy C.B. and that is what he plans to do right after High School. BUT: We need him to finish High School...
Which was not looking good based on his Middle School career.
Until NOW!
This child is flourishing. He is really good at it! His teacher said,
"You are not one of the freshmen that I hate."
And apparently that is High Accolades!
Look how handsome this child is in an Uniform!
Now He is talking about college before military so he can begin his career as an officer.
I honestly believe he is going to do it! And Grades are much more important to him now. He wants to get good grades because he wants to go to college now.
My Mommy heart is bursting with pride!!!
Makeover #2
We bought these chairs special order about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, time and 3 children have not been friendly to them. I told Jon he could haul them off to the dump. But he didn't get around to it. SO,
After spending so much time going around in Blog land, I realized there was something I could do on my own!

And I set about making a change! The fabric is every bloggers favorite.
Canvas Drop Cloth!
Sturdier than Chintz!
Neutral, clean, and just plain Cheap!

I figured it couldn't be too hard if everyone else was doing it, so armed with a screwdriver and a set of pliers, I started pulling staples. I am so glad I did! I got a new chair for $40.00! (including my new staple gun)

Me thinks it Pretty!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Imparting Grace

Imparting Grace has a cute Italian pottery chip and dip set she is giving away this week, I just found her today while clicking on links from another blog. Check it out!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Putting on the Christmas Colors

My youngest sister and I went to some of the "boutiques" this weekend. I was looking for Christmas stuff. She was looking for a few minutes of peace and quiet. We ended up in the second hand store on Camano Island. I got these two picture frames for $1.50 each. There was a Santa picture there too, but at $6.00, I decided not to buy it because I would have still had to alter it to fit my colors this year.
After I left my sister at home to deal with the broken dishwasher and the need for a birthday present for the birthday that afternoon, I went on to Value Village where I found more picture frames. I like these frames that have the raised design because I can alter them more.
OOPS! I forgot to get a before picture~ These I spray painted, It was cold and wet, but I sprayed them outside, then brought them into the house to dry. STINKY!!!

After the spray paint was dry, I used my acrylic craft paint to brush on the Gold, Then I wiped it off of the raised parts to show the green under. After the gold dried, I covered the entire frame with glittery gold paint. LOVE that stuff!
As you will see in a few minutes!

Next, I chose some images to put in the frames. I have all the Santa pictures from when the kids were little, Some cute Christmas cards, Some cards that I scanned and printed on photo paper, some prints from Craft Mart, even a post card from the Thomas Kincaide Gallery in town.

A few framed pieces, I used a wrapping paper on the top left picture, but I am going to change the picture because I found its new home after I did that.

Two of my boys. The picture was a little small for the frame so I used some of those peel and stick scrapbook borders to fill the void. This picture really doesn't show how sparkly the frame is!
I bought one of those way overpriced wood words. and painted and glitter painted it too. It is just resting here until I find its new home too.

COSTCO has this clock. It is $28.99, and you know I love it since I paid FULL price for it!
I couldn't wait to finish the frame on the left, so I just put it up to show the space as it will be. That is where the picture on the wrapping paper will go! The sconces were in my bathroom, 1990's Home Interior. White, which is fine but Red and Sparkly fits the theme much better. I got the Candy Cane Lane sign in my friends shop. If you are local, it is Favorite Pastimes. Marian is a friend from High School. Don't forget Super Saturday is the first Saturday of each month. And she is having an Open House and Sale in December! (shameless plug is over)

More sparkly frames done with craft paint. I reused the border Idea. This image is a Christmas card from years gone by.

Sorry about the shadows. I am taking pictures at night. A major No-No in bloggy land!

Another glittery photo frame.
Another shot of the two older boys. Apparently we did not see Santa very much when the 3rd son was born...
I am having so much fun doing these frames, I forget to do any gift shopping! Maybe I will just wrap up these frames and give them as gifts!

I think I am becoming a comment junkie because, as soon as I post, I go look to see who is having a linky. And to think until a week ago, I just posted and hoped someone would fall into my blog by some twist of fate. I am linking this project with Trash to Treasure!

I am going mental!

Losing my MIND
Not that I had much of one to begin with.
I need you to pray.
Things aren't so good right now.
Thank You!
I appreciate your comments and bloggy love, so
I knew I could come to you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hey friends I found this lovely blog last week. She is having a giveaway that I don't want you to enter! Why does that not work? I saw Evy entered a giveaway last week even though I specifically told you all not to enter! South Street Shabby: GIVE-AWAY LAST DAY TO ENTER!

You know I am kidding right? Go, see these pretty ornamental thingys for yourself!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

How to decorate your kitchen using 200 plastic bags!

There! Now aren't you glad you came to visit today?
Just Kidding, Come back, I have a surprise for you!
If you have been following me for awhile you have probably seen these already.
That is why I am doing something totally different!
I Will take you step by step, so be patient with me... I tend to ramble!

The first thing you need is about 200 plastic grocery bags. With my boys that is about 4-5 shopping trips. But you may have actually seen me in the store with my arm in one of these too!

I have been doing alot of BLURFING (excuse me) lately, and I noticed alot of posts about a company called Ballard Designs. Now, I am no brand fanatic, so I had to google them. I was cruising around in an overpriced gallaria of home decor yummyness when I stopped dead in my tracks... THIS was what I saw!

Pretty right? Made from recycled drink containers, (water, juice, etc.)
NOW, You will have to scroll down to yesterdays post to see what I think about recycling. Come on, you know you want to!

Just look at her! She is the lacy cream of the crop! I want her! (thou shalt not covet Ballard Design rugs!)
See the light bulb?
I already have all the materials I need taking up space in my office room!
You don't even want me to go there!
Sorted by color! I actually took this picture after the project was 5/6th finished, so there really aren't as many colored bags in this shot as I used. Just wanted to give you the general idea.
Special thanks to Haggens for using pink bags so I can make pretty things! Special request to Haggens, Could you please use them all year long? I didn't get enough during the month of October, and am now out of pretty pink bags!
Please forgive the blurry action shot. The Hand model is my lovely assistant Cannyn.
He helps me alot and you will see more of him below.
Gotta love teenagers!
We gather up the handles and the bottom strip and take them back to the recycling bin!
(What? Let them recycle those too!)
So, the trick is to keep your "string" taught as you tie your strips together. Cannyn heard me grumbling about how slow it is to crochet two strips, then stop to tie more on, and crochet two strips and stop again.
So He devised this clever plan to tie a long "rope" so I don't have to stop so often.
No, I do not approve of "Energy" drinks, we had company and they brought it!
and please pretend you don't see that in the next shot too! My Hubby isn't the best at removing his own recycling!
Isn't he clever? Almost 15, ready to take on the world!
The next four shots were taken with my webcam and posted on facebook. Sorry Facebook friends, you can just scroll down real fast to skip over!

Want a close up?

From this ...

In only 20 hours! Actually, I wasn't keeping track, But since I don't know how to crochet, I think that was a pretty good estimate. I could have had it done faster if I had used a larger needle, and didn't have to keep taking the silly thing apart because I kept needing to adjust the increase. I kept getting ruffles and rolls! (Ruffles because I used too much increase, and rolls because I went too long without increasing. I am sure there are technical terms for this but since I don't know how to crochet, I couldn't tell you what those terms are!)

TA DA!!!

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she special?
I am so proud of myself! Now, I am going to go find some linky parties to show her off!!!

Yep, I made it all by myself!!! (and Cannyn)

Why I recycle.

Some of you may be offended. Sorry, but this is my party and I will cry out," LOOK Mom, the Emperor has no clothes!!!" if I want to!
I decided to write a post about recycling in preparation for another post I want to put up tomorrow!
Makes sense right? Gotta lay the foundation.
The "Greenies" Want us all to believe that we have nearly destroyed the Earth, and only by recycling can we save it.
Well recycling and communism, but I digress...
I recycle. Really I do! I am better at it than some, not as good as others. I guess I am just "normal"
Here is the process for recycling your household waste, You put it all in one of those magic bins that dissapear all your glass, plastic, cardboard and yard debris. There! Wasn't that easy?
Here is what really happens!
A Great big truck enters your neighborhood, It comes once a week to your neighborhood, but is out driving and picking up trash 6 days per week. 10 hours per day. Not one of those 50 MPG hybrids we are all supposed to own by now.

After it is full, it drives to one of these places. Where it is sorted usually by machine, sometimes by hand.

Once sorted, It is loaded onto one of these beautys

And shipped to another country for the next step in being GREEN!
(Why? You ask?)
Because we cannot build a recycling plant in the USA!
Not of this magnitude!
The EPA won't let us!
We cannot employ people cheap enough to process that much junk,
The Healthcare Reform Bill, and other Socialized programs won't let us.
You see, We have to pay our employees enough to cover their taxes, and then pay Congressmen, Senators, Lobbyists, and all the other beurocrats. AND Pay social security, Welfare, Unemployment. (the list could go on and on!)

SO, to another country we go!

They don't have the EPA, Peta, ACLU, and Labor unions breathing down their necks...

Once "Recycled" into something new, it is loaded back onto one of these...

And Trucked to One of these...(after its trip to the giant warehouse, where it is moved from container to storage, then to truck, where it is driven across the country to a store near you!)

Neat huh? Everything you always wanted made out of recycled materials right?

Usually, recycled plastic is made into THIS! ( with wood chips and sawdust).
You see, the recycling process is not a great one, It has not been able to keep up with the new product manufacturing.

WOW!! Neat, I am saving the world!!!

This is my favorite recycling center!
That is right! I donate and shop there on a regular basis. I give clothing, shoes, and house hold items that someone else may want, but cannot afford to purchase at full price. I buy other items that I use to decorate, create, and sometimes wear! (I am a bit of a snob.)
Not to mention it is a NON PROFIT organization, training people who need job skills, feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless. Now that is better than 41 golf games to me!

Another recycling project... My son built this fire pit out of broken concrete, and counter top scraps. Even the concrete ring is recycled. We found it in the woods where my Husband and sons ride their motorcycles. Cost to me? 200$ in plants dirt, sand, gravel, and lighting.
We use it all the time! We have s'mores partys where we just announce to everyone we are lighting the fire and they come if they can. FUN!!! Priceless!

My other favorite recycling center is just off my back deck. I go out the kitchen slider and drop things into it... MY MANTRA - - - 'FEED THE WORMS!!"
And now I have found yet another way to recycle. Grocery bags! The T-shirt style bags you get 20 of every time you go to the store! (I do anyways, Have you seen my boys?)

And here is a little teaser for my next post!

Ballard Design has these on their website. It is made of recycled beverage containers. (see above)

Just you wait to see mine!!!

Why I recycle!
That is the name of the post...
The Earth is the LORDS' and everything in it.
We are to be good stewards of what God has given us.
We are to be fruitful and multiply, leaving a legacy for our childrens children.
Not because of Carbon footprinting!
But because I want to leave my children a legacy.
Because I am CHEAP!!!

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