Saturday, February 27, 2010

This one is for Aunt Kris....

Cannyn here. so Aunt Kris commented on my last post that I should post us cleaning the house.

So here it is.

The story: my parents and brothers are at the Jazzmine Dinner Show and I stayed home sick. I was sitting on the couch (watching the AMA Supercross races) and looked into the yuck. I thought to myself  "I've gotta do something about this." so I did.





Oh, and I dusted too!

Trashing the camp!

I hope you enjoy the video, That is Darian in the short green shirt, dark hair. Front and center in this shot.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally putting my giveaway together for you!

Are you a follower? Some of you are regular visitors, but not followers, some of you are followers but not visitors. I am going to choose one of you soon for my first ever give away. Don't miss out. Tell me if you are both a follower and a visitor. Including on my facebook followers. By being a Pre-giveaway follower/visitor, you get an extra entry! So far, this is what I have for ya!

I am going to be kindof scarce for a few days. Darian's program is all consuming. It requires parental involvement to get a show of this magnitude to run smoothly. In the mean time, If you are a frequent visitor, consider becoming a follower. Then start leaving me comments. I am going to just print, cut, and pick when I have the "prize" all together!

Jazzhands everyone--------------

Dearly Beloved

We are gathered here to day to join this napkin with a curtain panel.
In Sewing matrimony, The two shall become one.

What my sewing machine has joined together, Let no Man sized offspring put assunder.

Napkins, 4 / $1.49    Curtain panel, $1.99 (enough to do all 4 napkins like this) Value Village.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Quickie

I ended up not having any clients today, so I grabbed one of the treasures I found while out junking this weekend...
I have always loved these pillasters, and when I found one at one of the thriftiques that was not outrageously priced, I decided to go ahead an buy it. (I was really hard on the budget this weekend.)
But, It was DIRTY,
and dinged up, and had a curly cue that had been chipped off. So, I grabbed some tools, and...
Went to work on it. First I cleaned it then I used the vinyl spackle to fill cracks, nicks and build up the broken curly cue...
Then I painted every single nook and cranny with my artist brush...
PURPLE of course!
(don't worry, I haven't lost my mind!)

Using a regular paint brush, I painted it white, leaving the purple to peek out from all it's little hiding places. BUT being one who could not leave well enough alone, I went and rubbed silver craft paint all over it to see if I liked it...
NOPE! I don't... Another coat of white over that and TA DA!

This was the broken curly cue.

I am loving my peekaboo purple! Speaking of peekaboo....
Something in the corner is trying to peek into todays post... It is another treasure I found this weekend. But it is just going to have to wait it's turn before you get to see it...

I am thinking it wants to live right here....
Well, maybe it wasn't such a quickie because now it is time to make dinner.
This weekend is the opening weekend for Jazzin Around the World.
Which is my oldest son's Jazz group doing every genre of music with dancing and acting and it is a 3 hour show...
So, If you live in Western Washington and want a really fun evening of music (They are phenomenal!)
Let me know, I will e-mail you info on how to get the tickets. This is Darian's 4th and last year doing this show.

It is truly a professional quality show... Come and see it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guest blogger

Hello My name is Cannyn Morris and I have hacked my mothers blog to show what we do when her back is turned.

This is me getting ready to ride.

My brother Brystan getting ready to ride.
He has earned the award of the MIR (Most Improved Rider) award.
He used to be chicken to take big jumps all last year but the first day of riding this year he started jumping them on the second lap he rode. But this is my own opinion.

Darian was not out today but this is him last year.
Darian getting sweet air.

This is my dad last year too.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is there such a thing as TOO much white?

As I told you, I am really liking the look of white furniture lately. I went to the juck stores, but still cannot find anything worth bringing home. SO, I wandered around the house... Hmm, who is my next victim?
Candidate #1
The ugly television stand.

Candidate #2, the equally ugly bookcase housing the stereo...
With it's fake woodgrain plastic stuff and lots of dents and dings.

And the winner is...
The fake wood bookcase. You can see that I started stripping off all the torn or gouged plastic woodgrain from the pitiful thing.
A coat of primer, and the same white paint from the fireplace  and Don't forget the piece of plywood, some moulding, and the SAW!!!
Guess what? I figured out how to do moulding cuts at 45* angels!
Taking it for a test drive!
Nailed, puttied, caulked, primed, painted, and put in a new place.
Who would have thought something so ugly could turn out decent enough to keep?

I had to give the plant a haircut to fit it here. So, into a jug of water it went. Anyone local want the cutting?
Of course, I put it right next to the chair I recovered in Dropcloth, and the Fireplace I built the surround for. Ok. Now hold on tight, I am going to spin you around the room. 13 X 20 and filled to the gills...
Yes, you do see my walls are different colors. Cream, tan, brown, and of course, PURPLE!
Looks like Mrs. Trudy's Teacart is the only thing I haven't touched in this room yet. (No, Mother, I am not!)
That is DIY network on the television, and an old(er) air purifier system Jon dragged home....
The table I painted last week,
Still working up the nerve to tackle the kitchen.
I am shopping for ideas on all your blogs! LOVE the painted cabinets, Want to change the cabinet layout, and add a dish / stemware rack. Hmm, I just cannot keep up with the ideas I find!
Of course, I am linking to all the parties out there...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a Man!

Be still my Heart!!!
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