Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Girly

One pretty little balarina's birthday.

I started this bag on Friday evening. Finished it at 5:30 pm on Saturday. Good thing because.....The party was at 6:ish. Filled it with activities for a little girly person to use when she is bored, and called it the BORED BAG. Happy birthday balarina.
Abby is looking in the BORED BAG.


  1. That "bored bag" is anything but boring! I love those colors and the sweet little attached flower. Are they crocheted?

  2. Such a cute bag & great idea filling it! Thats a cute Theme party! How fun!

  3. I made the bags with strips of grocery bags. Crochet. Right now, anything I make from them is going to help our friends on thier mission trip to the Phillipines. So far, I have sold five bags and donated the money to the boys, but I am out of stock, and need to make lots more. Couldn't sell them when the money was for me, but now, can't keep them in stock! That is so cool how God works!

  4. Actually, she had been dancing all day, and we surprised her. Her mom told her that they were too busy to have a party. When they got home from an all day recital, there were all of her friends. She never got a chance to change. Clever! see the recital pictures at .


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