Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going on a Rant here...

Where the HELL ar the parents when thier littl sweethearts are out pouring paint all over my yard furniture?
Toilet papering my car?
Egging every car on the street?
What mother doesn't miss an entire cardboard tray of eggs from her refrigerator?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday (18)

To Him!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another project completed

This was an unscheduled project. It started with an odor.
The odor would not go away!
So, one day I took up the linoleum.
That worked....
For one day.
Then we took up the subfloor.
Which meant pulling out the toilet and cabinet.

Since we had to put in new flooring, I insisted on tile, so in goes the concrete backer board. Then the project became larger than Jon or I were capable of. Not because we are incapable, but because we are two very stubborn people who really should not undertake something of this magnitude together. So, We called in reinforcements. Enter My DADDY! Once we got the pattern and spacing worked out, He and Jon worked great as a team and cut and placed the entire floor in just a matter of hours. The next day, Jon took on the wall behind the toilet. With great confidence having been successful at the floor the night before. Look what a great job he did!There were a few bad paint choices on my part. Not willing to spend any money on paint, I shopped the garage and my parents paint supplies. The wall color was a taupe, but in fact, It turned out to be a purple. The cabinet was painted using the leftover paint from my parents kitchen cabinets. Beautiful, but unfortunately, it looked terrible with the tile. So I repainted everything. The cabinet got another coat using the brown color of mom and dads kitchen island. The walls, a green from Mom and Dads garage. I think it is in the front upstairs bedroom. It looks so much better now!I still need to do touch up paint and hit where we caulked around the tile, but This is what it all looks like today!
Just proving I did some of the work, This is my painting shirt! I actually have several of them since I often forget to change before jumping into a project.
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