Monday, June 15, 2009

Who I admire:

Stan and Evy: For raising six highly functional, often quirky, mostly spirit filled children. For breaking the cycle. For working several jobs to give us the life we had. For never giving up on those of us who wandered on our own paths. For so many more things that would take the next 41 years to list.
David and Angie. For trusting the Lord even when it is scary. (David)For loving those girls as if he were the original dad. For pushing Amanda to this weekend. For your willingness to do what it takes even if you have to work more jobs. For being great role models to the 19 sets of little eyes watching.
Kris: For being so tough in your battle. For teaching me the meaning of the word Faith. For your amazing trash art. For sticking it out for the next couple of years.
Trish: For being a great wife willing to go to the ends of the earth for your husband. For your desire to create men of honor (kris too) and for your sense of humor which draws so many to you. For your straight talking, no nonsense way of thinking.
Gina: For not caring that the world thinks 5 is too many. For allowing God to be the head of your family. For being so smart. For being my bestest. For the life lessons you teach so easily.
Bryan: For being the dad even when it is hard. For giving us Darla. For finding so many creative outlets. Who knew?
The Other Brothers and sisters in law: For putting up with our family for decades. For loving and nurturing my sisters and brother even when it is hard. For providing for the families God has given you. (Darla) For being a Titus 2 woman to three very needing girls.
Tim and Amy: For leaving everything and everyone you know to start a church. God will grow it because of who you are. Thank you for your dedication
Any Homeschooling Parent: For being the parent and the teacher. Only you can do it right.
This list has so many possibilities, I will continue it later.


  1. Thats quite a list. You have lots of "positives" in your life!

  2. Amen to your list of admirations--and especially the one about your parents. You are very blessed to have them as your parents. I am very blessed to have them as my friends.


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