Monday, February 15, 2010

A very Cake weekend

My weekend was full of Valenitnes. I had my adopted neices again this weekend. I had planned on making cupcakes with them for Valentines day. I bought a cake mix and frosting and colorings and let them decorate thier cupcakes and eat it right away. I had the added bonus of a little man who stole my heart and was one of my favorite Valentines.

Our weather was slightly less than pleasant on Sunday, so all the running, jumping and squealing that happens with two five year olds and a seven year old, two thirteen year olds, and a fifteen year old all happened indoors. The boys complained all weekend long about the noise, but didn't mind antagonizing the girls into squeals whenever possible.  Monday was bright and beautiful, so all the noise went outside. I even had time to mop the kitchen. Three loads of muddy clothes and several baths kept me busy even though all the commotion was outside the best part of the day.
We decided to have dinner together with Mommy and her boyfriend. So, I told Jahnae shou could make a dessert. She perused the cookbooks and settled on a white cake with cream cheese frosting. Then she got really creative.

Her little sisters were telling her how to do it...
It is a "President's Day Cake"
Jahnae made this from scratch and all by herself! Pretty good!
(And now you know why all the laundry and baths.)
Am I the luckiest auntie in the world or what?

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  1. I'd say you are one very special auntie! And your adopted nieces are the luckiest girls in the world!


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