Monday, February 1, 2010

If all your friends were jumping off the bridge, Would you?

Remember all those silly things your mother used to say in order to make you think? Mine said all kinds of things, I now call those Evyisms. And I find myself using them with my own boys. Not that it is a bad thing, My Mommy is one smart lady!
So, Since everyone in blog land is jumping off the bridge with chalk board paint, does that mean that I should?
I found this great frame at the local junktique, I think it was about $2.99
And it had no picture, just the cardboard backing.
So, I thought for about 1/2 a second, and knew that it wanted to be a chalkboard.
So, I found a thin piece of wood ( broken dresser drawer)
And went to the garage and used this (all by myself)
I spray painted the frame, using my favorite color,
And then, I used my newly perfected method of paint on, wipe off to cover it in cream craft paint.
Leaving me with peekaboo purple! LOVE IT!!!
I spray painted the board I cut to fit the frame using chalkboard paint. and Viola!
My chalkboard.
Those of you who are my facebook friends remember my rant about needing a sign that says something about not having a maid, Well, that inspired this little project!
Now I can write anything I want, and change it when the mood strikes.
I am thinking,
"We don't have a maid... Clean up after yourself!"
Or, "Mom is working, Make dinner"

Actually, I thought last night, I want to write ...
Accomplish something every day!
(as soon as I buy chalk!)

Oh, and in the 80's in Arlington Wa,
(When my mother was asking if everyone else jumped off a bridge, Would I?)
Everyone else was jumping off this bridge...
And No, I never did!


  1. Good plan not to jump off that bridge. I get anxiety walking across it :) You did a great job on the chalkboard. I have been debating doing my entire pantry door and nailing molding to it for a frame, but I am scared it might not turn out!

  2. I love that chalkboard! May have to do one of my own!!!

  3. Makes me want to go back to the bridge, though I never jumped, I did love to swing back and forth in the middle of it. Nice ob on the chalk board.

  4. The bridge doesn't swing any more- it is a new one. Remember how someone died or was parylized every year at that stupid bridge?

    I like your chalk board. I need one in red. I have my own spray paint.

  5. Great job! I feel like it should be in a Pottery Barn catalog and that's a total compliment! =)

  6. Remember the night we were crossing the bridge in the dark. Some joker removed some of the planks and Kelly nearly fell through? It was great fun to take people down there and get that bridge to hopping though wasn't it? Glad my kids were smart enough to not jump off of it:)

  7. OOPS, I forgot to tell you, I love the frame:)

  8. the frame...and the brige story!

  9. Oh, I love your peekaboo purple! The chalkboard came out so pretty. It would go so well with my purple sofas! I'll have to try your paint method. I probably would have done it the other way around and not had the same results. And my mother said that soo often-I guess they all went to the same school!
    Hugs from Sherry

  10. Wimps.....

    I did.

    Falk Family, I have a friend who has a chalk board painted pantry door and it is so cute!!

    They use it to write notes and grocery items on it.

    You should do it!

  11. That is one terrific frame. I love the way you painted it. So fresh now! Have fun with your chalkboard!

  12. I haven't done the chalkboard thing yet. By the time I do it, it will probably be out of style!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  13. Love this idea!!! I think I'm going to follow you off the bridge too :-) My Momma always told me that imitation is the highest form of flattery!

  14. Oops, I spoke to soon. I see one of my kids DID jump off of the bridge!
    Remember, "If your friends were eating moose s*&#
    pie, would you too?"

  15. I love this project! I am posting my first ever chalkboard project next week. It's taken me a bit to get on board!!!!! Love yours!

  16. What a gorgeous chalkboard! Great return on that investment :o)


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