Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I get points for trying right?

Yesterday, I went to the trift stores.
I had a few items in particular I was looking for.
Like some type of shelving to go here.

And a Headboard to make a bench to go Here

And some plates to display here.

So, What did I come home with?
Two Napkins.
I feel like this!
(Found on my camera card!)

When I go to the thrift stores, I try very hard to leave the snob in the van, but somehow, she keeps creeping in after me.
I am thinking that the rule for thrift stores is like the rule for garage sales, Always go to a neighborhood more affluent than yours.
Not within my driving range. There is a Goodwill and Value Village in the neighboring town, a ten minute drive south,
and another in Mount Vernon which is a 30 minute drive north.
Between here and Mount Vernon are a few thrift stores in Stanwood / Camano, and some Junktiques between here and there, but they usually charge more than thrift stores.
I gave up and came home and worked in the yard. It was almost 60* ( IN FEBRUARY!)
So, I cleaned out winter debris from two beds.
There is lots of new growth in the beds already, I hope we don't get a freeze!

My thought for today...

One last thing, Thank you Marian @ Favoritepastimes for the present!
It looks real nice HERE!

Alright, I have a few clients to see today, then I am off to do something Great today.
What it is, I do not know...


  1. You *will do something great today!!! At least because you are discerning you are not bringing home JUNK! It is better not to buy anything than to buy something you aren't sure about :) I'm learning that the hard way.

  2. Sorry you had an unsuccessful day thrifting. Sometimes that's the way it goes. Actually, I went to a Goodwill in a very affluent part of Atlanta a few weeks ago and it was THE worst Goodwill I've ever been to! My Goodwill is so much better and I'm in a very middle class kind of town.


  3. Hi Karen, Some days I find that no matter what I see, I'm just not in the mood to buy anything. Nothing suits me. Don't worry, it will pass. You will find great things! (after getting a new car loan, I think I won't ever need to buy anything else ever!) I wish it was 60 degrees here! Sherry

  4. Every visit to the Thrift Store results in saving money. Sometimes, it's when we buy something we need, and other times, it's when we choose not to buy something we don't.

    Look at all the money you saved on this trip!

    I always enjoy my visits to your blog, in fact, I have nominated you for an award. You can visit my blog at to read more about it.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. I never find what I need when I'm "looking for it" always when I'm after something else!


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