Friday, February 5, 2010

I received an award

Troy over at I Refuse to Recede  nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. I know there are rules to these things, but you know how rules and I get along! You are supposed to nominate 7 people, and reveal 7 things others don't know about you.

Tonight, I am just going to give you the information about me...

I don't know how much of birth order and horoscope are true, but I am the second child of six. I am both a rebel,(LEO) and a Nurturer (Oldest girl)  My brother (The Only Son) is oldest. Then me, Followed by Angie, Kris (What's Next?) Tricia (It is my Crazy Life) and Gina (A handful of Life).

 I am very good friends with all of my siblings. Our children are all best cousin friends, and some of us live in the same neighborhood.

My parents were married at 18 and are still married (45 years this spring).

I spent part of my childhood in Anchorage Ak, and part of it in Washingtons State.

I got the heck out of Dodge when I graduated High School. See Ya Cow Town!!! You know, I moved back 9 years ago so My children would have the priveledge of walking in town, going to friends houses and "hanging out" without having to fear thier lives.

I became a Massage therapist 5 years ago, and I love what I do, I am really good at it, but I HATE the paperwork.

I work in my Fathers Chiropractic office.

Seven Things about me! Wow, That was Easy!

I will go through my list tomorrow to nominate someones...

You may have noticed I added Google Translater to my blog. I have international followers!!!
Also, I know it is like blogging protocol to celebrate your milestones, but somehow, I zoomed past 100 posts.
So, I am going to watch the followers and we will get to the giveaway thing soon!!!
I know, I have teased about it before.

You will be pleased to know, the boy was back in school by 3rd period.
And this was out our office doors last night.

 Yay, It is Friday, The man sized offspring and thier father have plans for SuperBowl. Since I don't give a hoot about sports, I get a day to myself! (Gotta love annual testosterone events!)


  1. That is the same place I took my rainbow picture from last week.
    So, you did not reveal any secrets. Because your mom reads?

  2. Karyn, Congratulations on your award! And, Have a great time on your own! Don't you love rainbows! I can't stop taking pictures of them.


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