Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mom, don't look!

I begged these tables off of my mother a few years ago.
And while they are absolutely fine just how they are, I finally got up the nerve to do what I wanted to do when I first got them.
Sorry, Mom, I know you liked them how they were.
Since we are having such nice weather, I sanded one of the tables down yesterday.
Then I used spray primer and paint to make it white.
One can of spray primer and two cans of  spray paint ( I do not recommend WalMart paint)
I took a fine grit sandpaper to it to remove the drips, and ended up with the very popular distressed look.So, I rubbed stain all over the piece, then wiped it all off.

Which gave me a piece of furniture that looked like I got it from my father in law or my grandmother Margaret. ( both chain smokers).

So, I got the paint I used on the fireplace, and brushed it all over the distressed, stained, and spray painted piece.

Using a dry brush technique so there is still stain peeking through, but cleaning up the solid areas. And allowing the distressed areas to have just a little layer of paint to tone them down too.
I am happy with the look. It matches my new fireplace.
And my reappholstered chairs. And the side table in the above picture.
Yeah, This looks good to me!

Sorry, Mom, It is mine now!
The sister table is going to wait awhile for it's makeover.
My friend Joyce stopped in today, and we came up with an idea for a bench in the dining room.
Since I really want to get the kitchen underway, I am going to fly with it.
We talked about chair rail, picture boxes, and other molding ideas, but finally decided on a tufted headboard look for the back wall, and a storage bench beneath.
AND she has the bench to GIVE to me for this project. It needs some TLC, but Free is my favorite price.
Stay tuned!


  1. Me screaming.................I THOUGHT YOU BORROWED THEM!!!!!!!
    For sure you owe me many bags to sell for the African project.
    I need a paper bag to breath into.

  2. Karyn, It looks like you are in trouble! But the table looks great, as does the room-nice and light, reminds me of Spring. Nice work! Sherry

  3. I was with her when she bought those at a garage sale and then talked a complete stranger into hauling them home for her.

  4. And you were mortified Kris:)
    I bought them from the people who own the Hardware store downtown.

  5. Uh, sorry, Michelle. I'm siding with your Mom on those tables. ;-)

  6. Hahaha wait, I need the popcorn for this show! Mom, they look awesome! They're worth 5x the price you paid for them. She done good. :)

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

    (I'm totally running for cover!)

  7. Those tables are now! You did great! I totally understand though. I have several pieces that my MIL gave me and scared to do anything to them. Maybe you just gave me some courage!

  8. My vote goes to the makeover too! I like them much better in white. Now they are contemporary again. Do the other one too!

  9. Much better now! Those little tables were sitting there just waiting for you to give them a makeover.
    Cindy at Lakewood

  10. Good job! Love the crisp, clean new look. My mom would understand :)

  11. cant wait to see the finished product. Love the white!

  12. Oh my! Love the white! I hope your mom still talks to you after this! My mom is the same way about furniture!

  13. I love this, isn't amazing what paint can do. Great job.

    Cha Cha

  14. Looks great! What an update! :)

  15. I think my mom knows your mom! NEVER paint stained furniture....
    I love them!

  16. It looks So much better! I love what paint can do.

    Thanks to (your) Mom!

  17. It looks wonderful! I have pieces of my Mom's furniture that I'd like to paint but I feel guilty thining she would not approve! Now I think I should go for it!


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