Monday, February 22, 2010

A Quickie

I ended up not having any clients today, so I grabbed one of the treasures I found while out junking this weekend...
I have always loved these pillasters, and when I found one at one of the thriftiques that was not outrageously priced, I decided to go ahead an buy it. (I was really hard on the budget this weekend.)
But, It was DIRTY,
and dinged up, and had a curly cue that had been chipped off. So, I grabbed some tools, and...
Went to work on it. First I cleaned it then I used the vinyl spackle to fill cracks, nicks and build up the broken curly cue...
Then I painted every single nook and cranny with my artist brush...
PURPLE of course!
(don't worry, I haven't lost my mind!)

Using a regular paint brush, I painted it white, leaving the purple to peek out from all it's little hiding places. BUT being one who could not leave well enough alone, I went and rubbed silver craft paint all over it to see if I liked it...
NOPE! I don't... Another coat of white over that and TA DA!

This was the broken curly cue.

I am loving my peekaboo purple! Speaking of peekaboo....
Something in the corner is trying to peek into todays post... It is another treasure I found this weekend. But it is just going to have to wait it's turn before you get to see it...

I am thinking it wants to live right here....
Well, maybe it wasn't such a quickie because now it is time to make dinner.
This weekend is the opening weekend for Jazzin Around the World.
Which is my oldest son's Jazz group doing every genre of music with dancing and acting and it is a 3 hour show...
So, If you live in Western Washington and want a really fun evening of music (They are phenomenal!)
Let me know, I will e-mail you info on how to get the tickets. This is Darian's 4th and last year doing this show.

It is truly a professional quality show... Come and see it!


  1. When is Darian's Jazz show? I have a funeral to attend in Seattle on Saturday 4-6 pm. On Sunday I play for the church service at the nursing home 2-3 p.m.

  2. “Jazzin’ Around the World” is a dramatic musical stage show that will transport you around the world through music. You will fly to London to walk the Beatle’s Abbey Road, hear some “pirate radio”, go to the Caribbean, visit India, Africa, Paris, New York, and New Orleans. You’ll go California Dreamin’, then to Funky town and maybe even into outer space.

    There will be music in the lobby prior to the shows by local artists and former Jazzmine students. Free coffee. Desserts available for purchase during intermission.

    Tickets will be $15 for adults, $10 for students and will be available at on February 1st. While there may be a limited number of tickets available at the door on the day of performance, however we encourage you to purchase them in advance through the website (assistance available at Flowers By George & Copy Mail and More) as that is the only way to guarantee preferred seating. Guests purchasing tickets at the door will have no opportunity for seating preference.

  3. Nice job! I think you should paint that pony wall a deep purple to show off your white treasures.

  4. ahhhhhh so glad to hear you sometimes don't like what you did & can fix it.. that's what I am most afraid of! thanks for keepin' it real!!!

  5. I'm happy to see that you found one at a great price:) Come by and check out my new PARTY...I think you might like it!


  6. i really like your pillaster. what a wonderful accent! thanks for visting. i had to look around on you blog to find 'my' blackboard. that is just too funny! i wish i lived closer, i would go to the show. sounds like a wonderful time.


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