Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liar Liar pants on fire!

I have 3 sons,
Darian is a high school Senior,
Cannyn is a Freshman,
Brystan is in 7th grade.
for the most part, they are great kids!
We struggle as a family like most do,
with obedience, attitude, and school.

Today, I called the school and excused Darian for the morning so I could "take him to the doctor".
I hope lightning doesn't strike me down!

Because he is in a music group that practices 5 hours a day right now. Yesterday, he came home and sat down on the couch.
I took his shoes off and covered him up before I went to bed. This morning when I woke everyone up, he was in a panic.
Every day, he is at school for 13 hours, then he has dinner and does his homework. Occasionally, he has a friend over, but mostly, he is home doing his homework. Yesterday, he fell asleep, so no homework was completed.

So, right now, he is at the kitchen table doing homework.
Not at the doctor.
Not in class, although he will need to make up whatever he missed today.
I don't do this often. In fact, in order to stay home from school, you had better be puking or have a temperature over 100*.
(I have one who pushes this.)
But, this one is trying so hard to get a drivers license (momma said 3.5 to drive.) and wants to go to college next year.
So, Lightning bolt or not, I lied to his school.
Have you ever?


  1. It's all good, Karyn...He needed a mental health day...

  2. First, that is a fantastic picture. Second, we all need a mental health day now and then. Third, I haven't been struck down yet :P Fourth, don't feel guilty because he's a good kid and he works hard, and he's not taking advantage of the situation - he's doing his homework. You'll be fine, but I wouldn't walk around with an open umbrella (I haven't)! LOL!

  3. Ask Tricia about the time I wrote a not saying that her grandpa had died when the school in Georgia would not excuse her for something she wanted to do. He had already been dead for about five years at the time.

  4. You didn't lie,he went to the Moms drs office! We had one that would push themselves so hard they also would get sick.. We had a few days like this, Mom knows best. School is his "job " right now & I don't know a soul who hsn't taken a "sick" day before!....I just hope the school dosn't see your blog!

  5. I think all moms have lied on occasion of the school life of our children ,are lying justified, that is not bad!

  6. Since I have teachers who read my blog, I have *never* lied to the school....
    Actually, I usually don't need to. I just say the kid is home with me and that's all.

  7. your brother has never lied to the school either. I also feel that I know whats best rather than the school. I just tell the school that I have excused them for the day.

  8. We have all done this at some will be okay! Hope you have a great weekend:)


  9. That is one smart, handsome young man!


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