Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring dreams

With the warm weather this past week, I am dreaming about my next project in the yard. Add to that, Yesterday Brystan and I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden show, and I am raring to go!

My dreams are growing larger and larger every day.
Last summer, we added this to the back yard,

And By we, of course I mean HIM

Some of the things I am thinking about adding...
The yard slopes enough, I could add stone stairs.
\ I would be able to sneak some boulders out of the commons, all I would need is a bobcat for a day.
More stone steps...

These are a little more rustic, but I LOVE real stone!

There is always room for another patio, I love the way this one curls around itself.

And since I am dreaming, I would like to redo the planting area between the street and the sidewalk like this!

There is still a side yard to be tackled. I think I like the look of this one...

But, February 7th is still to early to do much out there.
Even if it has been 60* here.
But, I am still working on the idea file for a few weeks.
Then, I am heading out!!!


  1. I love your firepit too! Your garden dreams are so ambitious! Go for it... 60degrees? We're in the teens and expecting a big storm Wednesday. I have posted some spring/summer pictures too.
    Happy day! Sherry

  2. ahhhh yessss. I too, am having those same spring dreams! I'll be redoing my yard this spring as well. Love the inspirational photos. I love anything with flagstone! We also seem to have the same tastes in kitchens! Thanks for visiting. Your comments are always welcomed!


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