Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need help!

This is the couch in the living room. Saggy Baggy Elephant all over again! The fabric is still in decent condition, the Pillows are floppy, slouchy and frumpy, OOps, I forgot the picture with the pillows.
There it is, cat, laundry, and all.
A new couch is NOT in the budget, and I am thinking of trying my hand at slipcovering it.
Sorry it is so  dark. I just snapped the picture and it is dark in here.
The darn thing sags! When you sit down you are almost knee to chin.
Booty to floor.
Falling on whoever is sitting on the other side.
I went online to find out how to fix it, but this is all they had to say,
1. Take off the bottom fabric, check to see if any springs are disconnected, if so, reconnect them.

Check, all springs in place...
2. Check for broken supports.
Notice the second support is my OAK FLOOR!!! No breaking that one!
There is one broken board up in the back.
But I don't see how that is making the bottom sag.

So, back to the WORLD WIDE WEB, to see the next and only other suggestion is ...
Stick a board in it.
Yeah, done already. NOT helping!
So, Help me please! What do I do? I have so many other projects to finish that I don't really want to spend much money to fix this, and I don't see it being replaced for several years.


  1. I don't know a ton about upholstery, but I did inherit a very long and old couch from my parents that when you sat on it it sunk to the ground. I asked the upholstery shop what to do and they suggested taking jute webbing and weaving inbetween the springs of the couch, making sure to pull tight and staple on each end. I did several rows. I think it helped with ours? I did this before I reupholstered it so it was easy to work with. Good luck!

  2. the springs need to be attatched to each other. Are they? That is what makes a couch sag. That's why webbing works.

  3. Karyn-I sent the post to my hubby, and I will let you know when I hear back-he worked in a furniture factory when he was in high school and has repaired our couches several times...

  4. Turn it upside down and throw a sheet over it?? ;)

  5. I'm going with the webbing since those are sinuous springs. Sinuous, btw, are the best kind for support - 8-way hand tie tend to sag more - so once you tie the springs together, you will be really happy. You may also want to wrap the seat cushion foam in new dacron (just attach it with spray 77) for a little more support, plus when you recover/slipcover it, it will keep the fabric taut and it won't "puddle".

    Man, I miss my job in furniture manufacturing :)

  6. There is nothing worse than a sofa with no backbone--or in your case no foundation support--probably not worth fixing, or re-covering, eh?

    Here's an ad on Craig's List for inexpensive, but nice furniture--new, not used:


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