Saturday, March 20, 2010


First of all, this week held a monumental day for me!
Cannyn turned 15!!!!
Far cry from the teensy weensy 6lb 6oz baby I brought home!
I chose to share that picture because it ties into the List!

Boy is going to ROTC Leadership Camp in less than 2 weeks.
He came home and gave me a list of required items.
Not anything that we owned...

7 BLACK shirts both long and short sleeved.
Black "Beanie" or knit stocking cap.
Thermals or Under Armor.
Sweat pants and Sweat Jacket, Black
Flip flops
Black coat / Windbreaker
Laundry bag
Laundry detergent,
First Aid kit,
Insect repellant
Water bottle or Camel back.

Actually the list is longer, these are just the things I had to buy.
Happy Birthday son.
You got your list of required items for your birthday.
Isn't life grand?

Oh, and since it is already spring here, and all the winter stuff is gone, it wasn't an easy task to find long sleeved shirts and a black beanie.
So, Mommy gave him a ball of yarn.
Yesterday, said ball of yarn turned into this....

And he LIKES it!

Instead of throwing parties this year, I decided to spend all the birthday budget on the boys. So, after he opened his "presents", we went to Red Robin for dinner and had them sing to him.
At first, he said he wanted to do Subway for dinner that night, (my wallet was rejoicing...) But at the last minute, changed his mind and we went to Red Robin... Do you know how much it costs to feed 4 MEN at RR?
Now, I am off to get my hair done...
Have a great weekend!


  1. It is black with a blue stripe, just looks blue in the picture.

  2. Happy Birthday Cannyn. How quickly they are grown!

  3. Happy Birthdy Cannyn. Karen, you must be so proud! I wish him luck with his adventure.
    thanks for stopping by to check out all my posts!
    have a great week.


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