Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busted my budget.

Those of you who know me in real life know that I am coo-coo for anything Princess House!
I fell in love with it several years ago. My sister in law invited me to her Princess house party where I saw the Fantasia design for the first time. I bought a few pieces. I hosted a party. I became a consultant. I figured I wanted more Princess house, I would let Princess house buy it for me. Because I loved it so much I figured everyone I know would too.
I am not a sales person. I love doing parties, but I loved giving my stuff away too. I never made any money since I was giving away as much as I was making. Anything else coming in from Princess House bought me more princess house.

Are you familiar with them? Everyone was buying it in the 70's and 80's. Fantasia is a made up flower which looks sort of like a poinsettia. The pieces are pressed glass, canisters, dinnerware, bakeware, service pieces, drinkware. I LOVE IT ALL!

Well, with the turn in the economy last year, no one was having parties, so I let my business slack.
But I still love princess house.
SO - When I see it, I buy it, whether I really need it or not.

The other weekend I was at a Flea Market in Stanwood.
I wandered around trying not to let my disgust show on my face.
I really am a terrible snob.

Then, from across the room, I saw something. I hurried over to the booth, and found 4 of these...
Yeah, Fantasia cannisters. They are an older design, probably about 25 years old. They have not been making the cannisters in the square shape for several decades.
Then, when I was scooping these up, I also saw this.

More fantasia. That price tag says $2.00 Yeah, that is right! I got all 5 pieces for $10.00!!!!!
Now that it is all home, I decided I don't need all 4 canisters since I have all of this...

So, I think I will keep a few and send a few to some lucky blogger. I am trying to put my giveaway together in the midst of this hectic week. and I know two is an awkward number of canisters, so I will see how many you get.
The rest of the budget busters I found while junking at that time...

This mirror which you saw peeking out on the pedestal makeover post. It got the same treatment as the pedestal which I purchased on the same shopping trip but at different stores. Mirror, $25.00, Pedestal, $15.00
The mirror now....

Only this time I brushed it with gold, cream and white craft paint after I painted it with the purple and white latex paints.
Ignore the wall please, obviously it is time to paint them again.
BUT WAIT, there is more!!!!
I came home and started working in the garden, I stopped to talk to the neighbor who was cleaning out her garage and ended up bringing these two beauties home.

and this...
But they don't go together!
I am looking at the harp like this...
Do you have any ideas for me? I would love to hear them. She wants to be in my living / kitchen / dining area.

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  1. WOW!!!!! I love all your treasures...happy day for you!

  2. idea as to what to do with them? Hmmmm...bring them over to my house? No? Worth a try..hahahah

    Great finds...can't wait to see more of your blog.


  3. You've found some really nice things. Princess House.....I haven't thought about that for years. I remember going to those parties.
    Mary Lou

  4. Great Treasures, Karyn! I have several cups in the fantasia design, but I didn't know about all the other stuff. I love the tiered server and the canisters are sweet. But that white mirror!!! I want to go shopping with you, okay?
    I can see that harp under a shelf as a hall table. Maybe the mirror would hang over it...
    Have fun...Sherry

  5. It was fun to go on your adventure with you..wish I had some ideas for you..but I'm feeling you'll figure that all out on your own..Princess House - haven't seen that in are lucky you know what to look for...

  6. Oh what a haul! I love the canisters.

  7. Love love love those canisters. I could find a million different places in my home to use them - can't you use them in the laundry room or in your vanity area or something?!?! Hehe, I hate to let anything that pretty go!

  8. Soooo many great the canisters! Thanks for coming to my first NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...hope to see you here next week:)


  9. Hi Karyn -
    I remember back in the eighties when my girlfriends and I (around six of us) would host parties and receive a free place setting of the Fantasia...we would invite tons of people, would book off each other...well to make a long story short... I own probably 16 complete place settings of the Fantasia. The pitcher, creamer, sugar . I have used them throughout the years and still love them. I only recently gave a set of eight to my daughter for her new condo.... but I still have enough for me! Te He! I love those cannisters you found. I don't think I have ever seen any of those. How lucky you were to find them! Enjoyed reading your post! I have a sis in the Tacoma area. I love visiting Washington whenever I can! Take Care!

  10. Great found treasures! I love collecting and displaying things I love in my home...some may call it clutter I call it stuff we Love! Anyhow, I saw your comment on Jan's post, and I really loved it! I really feel keeping it real is the main thing in blogging! I started a blog because at this point in my life it was my best option to fill my time when my boys are at school...I have an almost teen and 8 year old....don't want to go back to work as I feel they still need be home, volunteering and being here for them after school! I am blessed to be able to do that!~ I have only been blogging for about two following is growing quickly, and I am happy and humbled for that. Do I fear I will run out of things to blog about...nope, because life everyday has something to talk about!!~SOme may not get my humor, but that is OK because again I am keeping it real, no sense of being someone I am not just to get more followers......take care, see you again:)

  11. You could attach a bar (like a large dowel) between the sides of the harp where a mirror would usually attach. Then you could use it to display an antique quilt, a mini quilt or some sort of heirloom or large doily.

    It could also be attached on the back of a vanity dresser where you'd attach it for a mirror and then with the bar between it can be used as a towel bar.

    If you decided to use it as a wall display as opposed to attaching it to a dresser, I'd remove the wooden "tabs" from the bottom.


  12. If you decided to keep the canisters (which you can't, now that you've promised them, :) )

    then I would put beans in them. One for lentils, one for black beans, one for pintos, one for navy beans, etc.

  13. I love all your finds...probably good that we don't live nearby...I'd probably spend too much shopping with you! :D


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