Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A fun giveaway that I don't want you to enter.

You can visit Troy at  I Refuse to Recede to see what he is giving away, but remember, I want it! It has been a long winter and I need to get back to the garden part of CanDarBry Garden, so let me win this fabulous prize! (PLEASE).
Just kidding, but he is a gardeny thrifty kind of guy, so you should visit him anyways. Karyn


  1. Congrats for posting the winning idea on my blog last week. Loved the book lamp idea!


  2. Karyn, thanks for the tip about Troy's blog. (I'm sure he'll pick you) I like his philosophy. Blogging is so much about sharing-that's what I love about it. Sherry

  3. How about this, Karyn -- I will only enter once. He said you can enter up to 6 times, but I'll only do it once. While I'm here I also want to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and expressing your thoughts so eloquently. Your comments are helpful, insightful, and always well said. Thank you so much. You added a lot to the conversation.

  4. Hi Karyn,

    Thanks for sharing the news about my giveaway. I'm so excited that one of my readers is going to win this!

    Since it can't be me, then at least it will be someone I like.

    Good Luck!



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