Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I found this great cleaning product called "Clutter~B~Gone. I was so excited to use it, especially on my living room.
I am afraid the kitchen and dining room needed another product called BLEACHITALL.
And the combination of both products worked wonders in the master bedroom.
Well, of course I am kidding. If it were really my house, all of the accessories would be purple! While I was immobile, I found a blog that kept drawing me back. I think the author is a native Spanish speaker because the older posts are all written in Spanish, then as she grew, she started writing in English. There is a google translator so her other followers can read it. There were 40 some odd pages of images of unique homes and castles and the interiors ranged from Swedish white to Colorful  Country. I LOVED all the eye candy! (All of the above images are pulled from her blog.) If you check this blog out, make sure you have some time, because it sucks you in...

Have fun! (You may want to start dinner before heading there)


  1. I am glad that you are feeling better. The flu is nasty. You may have to take it a little easier for a while?? Sending prayers and especiall for Nae and mom.

    God bless.

  2. What pretty rooms! Sigh... Some day! LOL

  3. Karyn, What fun! I was really hoping for the Clutter-be-gone! This time of year it seems so much clutterier, doesn't it? Glad you are feeling better--Happy Spring!

  4. I love THAT CLEANING PRODUCT. Unfortunately, it is sold out everytime I go to purchase it. I'm glad you are better too! I love your inspiration pictures!!!

  5. OH my Karyn, thanks so much for this post and the lovely words about my blog! I am really honoured that you like it. My parents are both English but I was born in Argentina, that is why I started my blog in Spanish.

    I've just been seeing your older posts and I love all the DIY things you've made. Truly inspiring! You have a great blog and a lovely family!

    Thanks once again Karyn!

  6. Wow! I would go bonkers with all that white! I need COLOR!!!! I will check out that bog tho....Glad to hear your doing better

  7. I have two amazing cleaning products. One is called "girls." They're amazing. But, on the off occasion they don't work well, I pull out my other amazing product......

    Glad trash bags. It always seems to, too! :)

    Gorgeous pictures! I love design blogs!

  8. Sorry you've been under the weather! Doesn't seem to affect your posts, however! Always interesting with lots of great decorating ideas!


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