Thursday, December 10, 2009

twas two weeks before Christmas

Twas two weeks before Christmas, and I couldn't care.
The only gifts that were purchased, was something to wear.
No cookies were baking, no scent in the air.
No signs that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were man sized, and so were their beds.
While visions of electronic devices danced in their heads.
Mommy was working almost every day, only to come home
and this is what they say.

Mother what is for dinner, I need a snack,
I step into the kitchen and am completely taken aback.
The dishes are piled in the sink without care.
The peanut butter and jelly are just lying right there.

Dish rags are thrown in piles on the floor.
I pick one up to peek and see spillings galore
You know I began to make such a clatter
With 3 man sized offspring, wide eyed, saying mother what is the matter?

The laundry is spread on the couch like new fallen snow.
There are socks lying about, dirty or clean I do not know.
When what to my wondering eye should appear?
But the arrival of "Daddy" dear.

He walks in the door his shoes does remove.
And leaves them lying starting his groove.
Up the stairs he comes while working his lungs.
The names of his children flying off his tongue

Now Darian, Now Cannyn, Now Brystan
You too! Get out here and pick up your book bags and shoes.
Now Darian, take out the trash, Now Cannyn The recycle
Now Brystan go out an pick up the Bicycle.
To the garage you go, all three of you.
And while you are down there, clean it up too.
I have told you all!

As loud crickets chirp, so as not to obey,
Two man sized offspring turn around to play.
They have heard this blustering a million times before,
and know they are safe to be told two times more.

With a warning glance at them and their brother.
I told them I did not want another
evening of chaos and anger and strife,
They looked at me funny, saying, "That is life"

Now the oldest was home between school and practice that night,
He looked around and seeing the fight.
He picked up the trash and the recycle,
went to the garage and put away the bicycle.

He spent a few minutes putting things away with care.
Knowing that mother was pulling her hair.
Washing the dishes was next on his list.
All the while he was doubling his fist.

Our lives are so busy, there is so much to do,
We need to do homework and tidy up too.
Our droll little house is bursting at the seams
with toys on the floor, and dirty laundry in streams
starting in the bedrooms and flowing down the hall,
There just isn't enough time for mother to do it all.
You would think that someone would care,
With holidays approaching, and winter in the air.

The tree is decorated, in gold, green and red,
With bows, balls, figurines and Santa's head.
A constant reminder of pleasures to come,
You would think that someone would care, Maybe just one!

So just days before Christmas I survey this dump.
Looking at the man sized offspring lying like a lump.
I don't feel like shopping, No not at all.
And so I have yet to enter a mall.

Two weeks is all there is left to wait.
Two weeks is all until that date.
Now clean it up, clean it up,
Clean it up all,
Or this Christmas I am giving it away all!!!


  1. That, dear friend, was priceless. I think you need to publish that ;)

  2. Very cute Karyn, you are creative! How is the crocheting coming along?

  3. Stick to your guns, mama! If they don't help, they get lumps in their stockings! :-)


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