Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Christmas in our house

Last night, Angie called to say Olivia had left me a present at my front door.
When I got home, this is what she had gotten me, with a really cute card that she had drawn a Christmas tree on.
Now everyone who knows me in real life, knows that this is me! This is my color. I can just hear her at the store.
"This one is for Seachelle, Gramma, Seachelle would love this one. Let's get this for Seachelle, cuz she would want to have it. Gramma, let's buy this one just for Seachelle."

In real Life, this would be perfect! It would match everything else on my tree, all glittery and purple and pretty.
In Real life! But I don't live in real life anymore.
I live in bloggyland, Where everything is perfect and beautiful and THEMED!
So, this year I went with a theme for Christmas.
Red, Gold, and Green. (why do I hear a Boy George song?)
And Santa.

But this little pretty does get its own place in this world,
A place of honor,
All by itself.
On this pretty little gold mosaic tree I got last year as a $6.00 surprise from
Princess House.

Sorry, this is the best picture I got of the santa on top of the tree.

More Santas, I really don't have very many yet,
So, I am showing all of them!

Oops, not a santa, just a frame I repainted and stuck a picture from a Christmas card into. I popped the easel off the back and stuck a wire hanger on it. Looks like I need to open it up and turn the picture a bit.

Well, Most of the Santas I have in pairs, except the two largest, so I guess I have more than I am showing.
But definately not enough to do a themed tree, so I have to get creative.
Last night, while catching up on my blog reading, I grabbed a hook and some white and red grocery bags and did this.
I think I am getting better at crocheting because the other night I read a very simple pattern and it made sense!
This is still off the top of my head, but I think I can tell you what I did.
Chain stitch 25, connect into a circle.
Single crochet into every stitch, going around circle about 4 or 5 tiimes.
Switch to red bag, half double crochet in every stitch going around circle once.
Double crochet around circle skipping every fifth stitch for about 3 rows.
Double crochet around circle skipping every third stitch for a few more rows.
Double crochet skipping every other stitch until you have only 4 stitches left.
Switch to white, Single stitch two stitches in each stitch,
Single stitch one stitch in each stitch,
Single stitch one stitch in every other stitch,
Tie off.
I painte mine with glitter, and it dried making it stiff. Then I rolled the white part up like a real Santa hat.
These were real quick, and I am already on my third one.
But now I am thinking....
Hmm. I need to find a glue that won't melt the plastic, and figure out how to paint a Santa face on the balls,
Cheap, easy (ish) and creative.
Look what you bloggers have done to me!!!
Now off to find my links..

I linked this to Saturday Night Specials at Funky Junk Interiors, the button is on my sidebar. Click on it to see all the wonderful creative people who also have linked up.


  1. Wow I will say you are doing great with your crocheting. I love the Santa's.
    You are a creative person I see.

  2. Karyn, the Santas and your decorations are so very pretty! And I love your Santa hat ... how cute! Great job!!!!

  3. I love that! If you look at my FB, Karyn, you can see our homemade ornaments that we give as gifts every year (this is our 10th year-your Mom got one last year).

  4. Cute stuff! One of my girls' teachers made ornaments with old light bulbs, craft paint, and canned snow. (but used felt for the hats, I think) Wouldn't that look adorable with your Santa hats? It would keep with the recycling theme!

  5. I love the hat! And your tree looks great!

  6. but its still only Advent!

  7. I love the idea of crocheting the bags. One of these days...


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