Saturday, December 12, 2009

Look what Nae Made!

This afternoon, Jon and I drove down to south Seattle to pick up the girls for the weekend. Their mother has finals all week next week, and we wanted to spend some time together before the holidays. I wanted to have Mom come too, but she needs some time to study for her finals. She was very excited because someone had given her a Christmas tree and some ornaments to use this year.
In an almost overlooked statement said to one of the girls, there are no Christmas stockings.
There were no stockings.
After we put the little girls to bed, Nae and "Auntie" went to work.
We traced one of the boys stockings.
Onto felt. The felt was bags I used when wrapping my Princess House products up for traveling to and from parties,
Not getting any bookings for parties,
I don't need the bags as much as the girls need stockings.
(and coats, and socks, and jammies, and jeans, and...)
Having already spent my budget buying  a few of the above mentioned necessities, I needed to use what I had.

I asked Nae if she had ever used a sewing machine, and she said no.
So I asked if she wanted to. She said yes.
I walked her through the steps of sewing  the stockings together, and she did a really good job. Only one place I am going to have her go back and fix in the morning. But for never having used a machine before, she was a PRO!
(look how closely she is watching her stitches.)

And Her finished product. We sewed a hanger on it with a wide zigzag stitch, then using the same stitch, sewed an ornament I had gotten at the dollar store to attach to presents.

Isn't she beautiful? Her 13th Birthday is two days after Christmas, so Auntie has to find a special something for that too!

After Nae went to bed, Auntie whipped these other two up.
For the little sisters.
Mommy needs one too, but I am going to let the little girls "help" with that.

I have found that one of the best ways to combat my seasonal depression is to think of the needs of others,
It doesn't have to be as grand as making an entire Christmas for another family, but just looking to the needs of others and not thinking about what I may or may not "need" has made me much happier this year.

Even though they have so little, their mommy is doing the same thing by working a blanket drive for the homeless in her area.
I am going to go wash some of our extra blankets now.

( I just read this post and was feeling so smug about my accomplishment. Right up to that last picture. See it?)
Now you don't have to tell me my mistake in the comments. Just tell Nae what a terrific job she did!


  1. Chelle, the girls will never forget and that is what is important.

  2. Nae, what a beautiful stocking you made! You should be very proud of yourself to handle a sewing machine at your age! I'm sure with your determination you can achieve anything you try! Merry Christmas.

  3. Karen what a wonderful gift you have given! Time, talent, treasure,the gift of confidence & knowledge...THIS is what Christmas is about! Being Jesus to each other...watching a family soar!

  4. Well done, Nae! And that's from a former sewing teacher! :-)

    Michelle, your stockings are lovely--one for each foot! ;-)

  5. Oh how I wish I was near my niece- how fun it would be to do projects with her!!
    Great job and won derful memories you are making!

  6. How cool is this? So great to pass along such a great skill and future hobby to your neice :)
    Love her stocking! Wish mine had turned out as well...

  7. These are beautiful, and I have a tear in my eye. All I see is beauty. Period.

  8. Those are beautiful. What a wonderful thing to do.
    Merry Christmas

  9. Nae did a great job. You go girl. Beautiful stockings.

  10. They are so gorgeous! And what a proud moment for Nae to learn to sew to boot. You have much to feel proud of. You've done a very nice thing and Nae is a sweetie.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS and showing us your beautiful niece. :)

    FJ Donna


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