Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas lights are up!

I let the boys have fun putting up the Christmas lights this year.
They may have gone a little overboard!
What do you think?

O.k. I am just kidding, We went to Warm Beach (Stanwood WA) to the Lights of Christmas display grounds.
In 20* weather!

The first night, Thursday was for this...
Arlington High School Jazzmine performs there every year. This year, Darian and the Sextet performed their award winning rendition of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Darian is the boy in the center. Second shortest...

The second trip was with the girls. I had picked them up Friday night (120 miles round trip) and all day Saturday we worked on Christmas crafts, but they wanted to know if it was time to go to the lights...
Once we got there, I took 3 pictures and the camera battery died.
So, I dug Darian's camera out of my purse and took another picture, It's battery died!!!
I did not get a picture of the youngest on the pony ride...
I did not get a picture of the two youngest on Santa's lap,
I did not get a picture of the four of them riding the train,
I did not get a picture of the talking spruce telling them jokes...
By the way, Do you know why Santa planted three gardens?

So he could HO HO HO!!!

It was so cold, we hurried through the light exhibits.
Even though it was a quick trip through the lights, the girls enjoyed it and talked about it all day Sunday.
I also took them to church.
The middle one kindof freaked out last time they were here,
She did NOT want to go to church.
So, We didn't...
This time we made it there, They played in sunday school and watched a video on the birth of Jesus.
She did fine...
But nobody put the cameras on the charger, so no pictures of them playing in the snow.
We drove them home early this afternoon,
They want to come back next week!!!
(I said maybe next month!)
I still need to find more Christmas presents for them.
Maybe I will pick up a few for my own children as well.

The little girls,

Nae and Brystan

It is really getting close, I guess I should at least try to shop for them!
Oh, and I have a video of the boys doing their number... Could someone please leave me a comment telling me how to add my videos? PLEASE???

Thank you Gina and Sue, I am going to have to do it another way, I am taking the videos off of facebook, and they have an imbed code. so I am doing it with that. I have an updated blogger post setting which helps with doing pictures where you want them, but I don't see how to add videos with it. so...
Imbeding now...


  1. On your posting page, there is a button- just like the one that yo use for pictures- but if the video is long, Blogger kinda' wigs out and won't load them, so it is best to do clips.

  2. As I started reading your post, I said to myself-Hmm, the boys must have been copying the lights at Warm Beach! And then you set the record straight :-)

    I'm not sure where you're having difficulty adding videos to your post, so I'll start at the beginning.

    When you're writing your post and are ready to add a video, click on the last little symbol (there are seven in a row in the margin above the box where you write your post). A pop-up box ("Add a Video to Your Post") pops up. Attach your video from wherever you have it stored on your computer, give it a title, don't forget to check the box next to "terms and conditions," And then click on "Upload Video." It is really very easy.

    BUT, you must make sure your video was downloaded and stored in your computer using one of these formats--AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real, or Windows Media, and that it is no larger than 100 MB. I tried in vain to download a video once and after waiting for an hour, I happened to notice that little statement about maximum size. So now I take short videos. Hope that helps.

  3. Ahh, Gina beat me to the punch line, and said in a few succinct words what it took me 3 paragraphs to write! ;-)

  4. Oh, that was fantastic!!!! Tell him they rocked!!! I hope my boys are interested in music.

    Oh, and can you e-mail me? I would like to pick up a little something for the girls from a secret Santa if that would be okay?? You have touched me with their story and your generosity.

  5. Sounds like you had a good time, even with the battery issues!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and the nice comment you left.


  6. Wish you were in my neighborhood. Been driving 2 yr old Grandson all over to see lights. Every house is "Kissmas Tee lite".
    Hey, I raised 3 boys (stepsons) and would frequently wonder if they'd grow into wonderful adults. They did, I'm proud to say. It was touch-&-go there, for a while, but we made it! And now a grandson? Icing on the cake, believe me.


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