Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank you, and a Sale!

Thank you for you comments, both on my blog, and my mothers.
I got an e-mail from another blogger who has space in a little store in Stanwood, The store is Poppyseeds.
The Blogger is Kennedy from Retreat by Kennedy.
She is having a sale. 50% off her items in the store.
I was excited about that and said I was on my way,
Then all the rest of the stuff happened!
And I didn't have the time or the energy to do it.
And she visited my blog.
And she e-mailed me loving comments about the situation.
And she recognized a little something I had purchased from her space at Poppyseeds.

This guy!  She calle him "vintage dancing Santa" so from here on out, that is his name!
I have a confession to make,
Vintage Dancing Santa was taken off the tree and put away last weekend.
My baby girl LOVED him, and kept playing with him, and he is a little fragile so, I hid him while she wasn't looking! she actually redecorated my tree three or four times too!

SO- If you are local, and if you still have something amazing to find for that special friend who likes quaint little shop boutique type of gifts (ME) go visit Kennedy, then print off the coupon, and head to Stanwood. (Just before you turn off the highway to my sisters house) and pick up that one of a kind I thought about you when I was there gift!!!
Maybe you will see me there too!

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