Friday, November 13, 2009

Why I recycle.

Some of you may be offended. Sorry, but this is my party and I will cry out," LOOK Mom, the Emperor has no clothes!!!" if I want to!
I decided to write a post about recycling in preparation for another post I want to put up tomorrow!
Makes sense right? Gotta lay the foundation.
The "Greenies" Want us all to believe that we have nearly destroyed the Earth, and only by recycling can we save it.
Well recycling and communism, but I digress...
I recycle. Really I do! I am better at it than some, not as good as others. I guess I am just "normal"
Here is the process for recycling your household waste, You put it all in one of those magic bins that dissapear all your glass, plastic, cardboard and yard debris. There! Wasn't that easy?
Here is what really happens!
A Great big truck enters your neighborhood, It comes once a week to your neighborhood, but is out driving and picking up trash 6 days per week. 10 hours per day. Not one of those 50 MPG hybrids we are all supposed to own by now.

After it is full, it drives to one of these places. Where it is sorted usually by machine, sometimes by hand.

Once sorted, It is loaded onto one of these beautys

And shipped to another country for the next step in being GREEN!
(Why? You ask?)
Because we cannot build a recycling plant in the USA!
Not of this magnitude!
The EPA won't let us!
We cannot employ people cheap enough to process that much junk,
The Healthcare Reform Bill, and other Socialized programs won't let us.
You see, We have to pay our employees enough to cover their taxes, and then pay Congressmen, Senators, Lobbyists, and all the other beurocrats. AND Pay social security, Welfare, Unemployment. (the list could go on and on!)

SO, to another country we go!

They don't have the EPA, Peta, ACLU, and Labor unions breathing down their necks...

Once "Recycled" into something new, it is loaded back onto one of these...

And Trucked to One of these...(after its trip to the giant warehouse, where it is moved from container to storage, then to truck, where it is driven across the country to a store near you!)

Neat huh? Everything you always wanted made out of recycled materials right?

Usually, recycled plastic is made into THIS! ( with wood chips and sawdust).
You see, the recycling process is not a great one, It has not been able to keep up with the new product manufacturing.

WOW!! Neat, I am saving the world!!!

This is my favorite recycling center!
That is right! I donate and shop there on a regular basis. I give clothing, shoes, and house hold items that someone else may want, but cannot afford to purchase at full price. I buy other items that I use to decorate, create, and sometimes wear! (I am a bit of a snob.)
Not to mention it is a NON PROFIT organization, training people who need job skills, feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless. Now that is better than 41 golf games to me!

Another recycling project... My son built this fire pit out of broken concrete, and counter top scraps. Even the concrete ring is recycled. We found it in the woods where my Husband and sons ride their motorcycles. Cost to me? 200$ in plants dirt, sand, gravel, and lighting.
We use it all the time! We have s'mores partys where we just announce to everyone we are lighting the fire and they come if they can. FUN!!! Priceless!

My other favorite recycling center is just off my back deck. I go out the kitchen slider and drop things into it... MY MANTRA - - - 'FEED THE WORMS!!"
And now I have found yet another way to recycle. Grocery bags! The T-shirt style bags you get 20 of every time you go to the store! (I do anyways, Have you seen my boys?)

And here is a little teaser for my next post!

Ballard Design has these on their website. It is made of recycled beverage containers. (see above)

Just you wait to see mine!!!

Why I recycle!
That is the name of the post...
The Earth is the LORDS' and everything in it.
We are to be good stewards of what God has given us.
We are to be fruitful and multiply, leaving a legacy for our childrens children.
Not because of Carbon footprinting!
But because I want to leave my children a legacy.
Because I am CHEAP!!!


  1. I hadn't seen the finished fire pit. It is absolutely gorgeous. He did a great job!

  2. Great post! Can't wait for the next post!!!

  3. Standing, clapping and swayin singing AAAMEN, AAAAAAAMEN! AAMEN AMEN AMEN...COME ON! EVERYBODY Amen, amen....Can ya tell I LOVE This post!

  4. Well said, Karyn! And by the way, that finished fire pit looks absolutely professional! Tell Darian he did a 10-star job and I'm sure he got an A on this class project!

  5. Wonderful post... thanks for sharing, I'm off to unload the truck bed of recycled mulch I collected earlier from the dump! $15 for a bed full for anyone else that's interested!!

  6. Thanks for the great info. Came here from I Refuse to Recede and learned a lot. I also love thrift shops as my favorite recycling. I must start composting!


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