Monday, November 16, 2009

Putting on the Christmas Colors

My youngest sister and I went to some of the "boutiques" this weekend. I was looking for Christmas stuff. She was looking for a few minutes of peace and quiet. We ended up in the second hand store on Camano Island. I got these two picture frames for $1.50 each. There was a Santa picture there too, but at $6.00, I decided not to buy it because I would have still had to alter it to fit my colors this year.
After I left my sister at home to deal with the broken dishwasher and the need for a birthday present for the birthday that afternoon, I went on to Value Village where I found more picture frames. I like these frames that have the raised design because I can alter them more.
OOPS! I forgot to get a before picture~ These I spray painted, It was cold and wet, but I sprayed them outside, then brought them into the house to dry. STINKY!!!

After the spray paint was dry, I used my acrylic craft paint to brush on the Gold, Then I wiped it off of the raised parts to show the green under. After the gold dried, I covered the entire frame with glittery gold paint. LOVE that stuff!
As you will see in a few minutes!

Next, I chose some images to put in the frames. I have all the Santa pictures from when the kids were little, Some cute Christmas cards, Some cards that I scanned and printed on photo paper, some prints from Craft Mart, even a post card from the Thomas Kincaide Gallery in town.

A few framed pieces, I used a wrapping paper on the top left picture, but I am going to change the picture because I found its new home after I did that.

Two of my boys. The picture was a little small for the frame so I used some of those peel and stick scrapbook borders to fill the void. This picture really doesn't show how sparkly the frame is!
I bought one of those way overpriced wood words. and painted and glitter painted it too. It is just resting here until I find its new home too.

COSTCO has this clock. It is $28.99, and you know I love it since I paid FULL price for it!
I couldn't wait to finish the frame on the left, so I just put it up to show the space as it will be. That is where the picture on the wrapping paper will go! The sconces were in my bathroom, 1990's Home Interior. White, which is fine but Red and Sparkly fits the theme much better. I got the Candy Cane Lane sign in my friends shop. If you are local, it is Favorite Pastimes. Marian is a friend from High School. Don't forget Super Saturday is the first Saturday of each month. And she is having an Open House and Sale in December! (shameless plug is over)

More sparkly frames done with craft paint. I reused the border Idea. This image is a Christmas card from years gone by.

Sorry about the shadows. I am taking pictures at night. A major No-No in bloggy land!

Another glittery photo frame.
Another shot of the two older boys. Apparently we did not see Santa very much when the 3rd son was born...
I am having so much fun doing these frames, I forget to do any gift shopping! Maybe I will just wrap up these frames and give them as gifts!

I think I am becoming a comment junkie because, as soon as I post, I go look to see who is having a linky. And to think until a week ago, I just posted and hoped someone would fall into my blog by some twist of fate. I am linking this project with Trash to Treasure!


  1. Those turned out great. You've given so many diffrent ideas of finishing & matting them this is woderful. I love finding a good buy & making it mine!

  2. How amazing, Karyn! LOVE them!

  3. Yay! I love them! I'll have to go into Favorite Pastimes. I don't think I have been in since Robin owned it. And thanks for your comment :) I know you comment when you can.

  4. Woo hoo. These turned out beautiful. I think my fav is the red frame.


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