Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rambling on and on and a “Blue Creek Boutique”And A Giveaway !!!

Blue Creek Home: Grand Opening Of “Blue Creek Boutique”And A Giveaway !!! Again, last day to enter. I am not doing this on purpose I promise! I just somehow missed linking this one last week when she started it. BUT- I don't want you to win it! You can go enter for me!!! LOVE

Personal note to Hissyfits; I went to visit you today, and you don't have a way to leave comments, so I tried to friend connect to you from my page, Forgive me, I am a technoidiot, so that did not work. I cannot wait to see your ottoman when it is finished. That may be exactly what I am looking to do! Thank you for your comments! "See" you soon, Karyn

And on to my give away, I am watching the followers list grow! 23 more to go, and I am working on a great giveaway.
Do you want a hint? It is black and white and recycled!!!

Speaking of followers, Have you seen this blog? I followed a link from Tricia's blog to see this creative person, and SHE HAS 900 Followers! UM, WOW!

Can someone please tell me how you link a persons name to their blog? I see you all do it, and I want to be able to do it myself, but I am a technoidiot, and can't figure it out, hey, I just figured out how to post a button this week. Give me a break, I learned computers in the 80's when they were black and white and DOS!!!

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