Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blessings in Disguise(s)

This year is special because of a family that has been brought into our life recently. I won't go into all the details, just say that things have been a little rough for them of late, and I am now an adopted "auntie". My little neices got to stay with my family over the weekend, and I told their mommy not to worry, I would take care of their costumes. I got so excited making these costumes for the kids this year. I did not know that this would be the first time trick or treating for the two younger girls. Just knew that I wanted to put them in fun, bright, little girl costumes! I honestly could care less about Halloween otherwise. I don't decorate for it. I let the boys trick or treat if they want, (two still do) but I do have rules about what kind of costumes they can have. NO HORROR, No BLOOD, NO EVIL, and nothing "Sexy".
So, Cannyn, Brystan and thier friend Corbyn had Motorcycle gear on. This is after a trip to Value Village two nights before to get a second costume because they hoodwinked thier father into buying "Scream" costumes.
BUT the second costumes were not motorcycle gear, It was 50$ worth of camoflauge and 70's style (disco) outfit.
After I took apart the polyester pants and added a really cool bell bottom to. After I sat up all night sewing. After Cannyn could not go to bed at bed time because he had to Iron his Camo to make it more legit.
MOTORCYCLE GEAR! We had that at home!
Everything is amazing when it is new to you! I have no daughters, so It was more fun to focus on the girls this year.
Big sister did Hair and Makeup.

My Pink Butterfly.
Value Village, pink Childrens Company pants, $5.99
Pink Old Navy sweater, $3.99
Feather Boa, $1.99
Pink wings, $1.99
Headband, 5 pack $3.99

And my little yellow sunflower!

Value Village

Green skirt, $2.99

Green Old Navy sweater $2.99

K Mart

Brown leggings and Brown turtle neck, $5.oo each

Once they figured out that everyone thought they were adorable, and they got lots of praise, they LOVED trick or treating! BUT if it wasn't for my friend Tina going around with us, I would have split in half trying to keep up with them.

Confession time. I forgot to take pictures of all the older kids before they went out. We came home for a few minutes, then the girls begged to go out again. I think we did 2/3 of our neighborhood. It wore them out! They ate a few pieces of candy, then baby fell asleep in my lap and middle sis had to be guided to bed because she could barely walk. (Did I say brush teeth?)
I did not make Big sis take them trick or treating which was a special treat to her. She had so much fun being a Tween with her (new) cousins She did come home and walk around with me and her little sisters on our second outing, and we went to GRAMMA's house. Gramma and Grandpa were just coming home with one of the NON T.O.T. grand children, when the girls found out she had no candy, they each offered her a couple of pieces of theirs. (Very grand gesture)
Thanks mom. I needed to steam clean my carpets!
(All day they kept asking when they would meet GRAMMA. We were past Gramma's house, and I saw them come home so I pointed out "Look that is Gramma and Grampa going home. They RAN BACK TO GRAMMAS HOUSE, AND HUGGED HER THE SECOND SHE GOT OUT OF THE CAR!)

This morning the trading started. One sis does not like chocolate, so everyone traded with her first. Giving her 2 dum dums for a chocolate bar, or skittles for M & M's. Her haul was slightly less bulky, but she seemed happy! Baby girl made out well since she was so cute everyone gave her hands full!

The "Big Kids" sorted, bagged (Note to self: Buy Sandwich bags tomorrow!), and traded amongst themselves.

I used to take the candy away and meter it out piece by piece. Then my friend told me she lets them eat it all in the first two days. Tummy Ache or not, it is gone, never more to be thought of. I think my boys did that one year and the tummy aches that followed were horrendous. Now they eat it all in about a week to two weeks.
I don't care!
I just hate having to pick up all those wrappers!!!

All in all, this was a great Halloween. Mostly because I had little ones again. Mostly because our eyes were opened to the wonder of all things shiny and new.
Mostly because GOD has given us a great blessing
In Disguise(s)!


  1. Girl! you are so talented. Those costumes were great.God did give you a blessing. They looked so sweet, and things are so much fun when someone appreciates what you do! I feel the same way you feel about halloween. I guess I'll have to post pics of James Dean and my 50's girls!

  2. What a wonderful thing you are doing, and they all look so happy!

  3. Adorable girls!! I hate to pick up the wrappers, too. Drives me crazy!!!

  4. Having been a single mom (as I know you were at one point) few can truly apppreciate the gift this is! I sounds as if it was as much a gift to you as the girls & the Mom...a free night, no needs to meet, no mouths to feed,,,,wonderful! But MOM! If they are not big enough to pick up the wrappers, they're not old enough to have the candy!!!!!

  5. That is the most adorable sunflower I have ever seen. I have 2 boys and 1 girl and I must admit that I enjoy making girl costumes a lot more.


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