Monday, November 9, 2009

Making it Monday!

Technically it is still Sunday night! I forgot to go to bed again! Just kidding,It is only 12:20, so I still have half an hour until my brain freezes up and my fingers stop moving.

Oh, this is Making it Monday! I am going to show you how to make Christmas pillows for about 1/3 of the price in the stores, using Placemats!

Placemats are two sided, so I just split the seam between the sides,and stuffed away!

Give it a whipstitch to close it up, and fluff it up. Easy as Pie!

I have a funny story about the plaid pillow. but I guess I was wrong about having a half hour before my brain freezes up. I uploaded the pictures in the reverse order I wanted to post them, so I squished them all up and changed the order. I hope I un-squished them to the right size! I am tired.

I will be linking up to some other blogs tomorrow. Hope you enjoy my Holiday pillows!

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  1. Great Idea, I've seen using 2 place mats but it makes since to open it up. Thats a LOT cheaper. Boy do you have my mind jump started this morning!

  2. These are lovely!Great idea!:)

  3. Love the look you have here with your pillows...thanks for sharing with all of us in blogland!


  4. Great idea! I love how quick and easy this would be.

  5. What a creative idea! There are so many beautiful placemats around, the possibilities are endless!

  6. Great idea and so easy, too. Thanks for following and commenting for more chances to win the giveaway.......and also for your sweet comment.....I hope everything goes okay with the way the vote turned much uncertainty makes things even scarier than they already'll all work out...have faith...xojana

  7. Absolutely brilliant, Karyn! My husband thanks you for adding placemats to my list of items to buy this weekend! :)

  8. how clever! I'll be looking for some placemats for sure!

  9. Love the pillows, you are just so clever, I would have loved to have seen lots more pictures of the pillows....thanks for sharing


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