Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another give away.

I found a blog called Rose Brook Cottage. So, of course I went there!

She is giving away cute little candy cane ornaments. I know they are Pink, but Pink is Purple's little sister, I can work with them!!! Go there if you want, just don't enter to win, I like my chances better that way.

(Just kidding Mary!) I think I should win just on the fact that I AM Rosebrook!
Look here! Another give away, Jana is giving away this victorian cone, Just another example of a creative mind using her powers for good! LOVE IT. Please don't enter this contest either! I want it all to myself!


  1. Hi Karyn!

    Thankyouforstoppingbymyblog and postingmy giveaway.
    I LOVE yourlastname...earn an extraentreyforthat!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh Karyn, I am so space bar is stuck!!!
    How frustrating. My last comment is one long word!!
    Hope you can translate it!
    Mary :)


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