Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping, My Favorite Pastime!

No, Literally, I am taking you shopping at Favorite Pastimes in Arlington Wa.
I stop in every week, even if I am not buying (or not intending to anyways).
It is owned by my friend Marian, and she or her daughter (my new best helper) are there every day.

Nice Family!
We went to high school together, I think she looks younger!
Anyways, Marian bought the store last year, and has added her own touch to it.
so, come in and look around.

Oh, darn, you cannot see that this is a possum bellied cabinet.
I guess my photography skills are a little lacking.
One of the things I LOVE about Marians store is that she has so many items from local artists.

This is called a fret piece. The artist carves it by hand, no lasers, and he frets over it until he feels it is finished.

framed yoyo art

The Treadle tables and refurbished lamps are built by her husband.
Now, two of my favorite artists also have items here.


Oh, and I need to hurry up and do my kitchen, cuz next time I have the few extra dollars, These really want to come home with me...
It says, "made with Love"!
So, When are you coming to Arlington Wa?
I will take you into my favorite store!


  1. What a cute name for such a cute shop! I spotted some blueware in those pics, too, that I need. Cute post. :)

  2. Sweet shop really. Marian is a delightful person and Amber is a good helper to her mom. If you make it to Arlington, we can go to lunch before or after we shop there.

  3. What a lovely shop! I would love to go there too. The spoons are amazing, quick get your kitchen done, they belong there!

  4. I am going to have to stop in. I haven't been there since Robin owned it. I didn't know that's where your mom's socks and your stuff was. And that sweet man who does the wood carvings introduced himself to us at the Whitehorse one night (yes, I was at the Whitehorse :P). He was the nicest man. I love this town!

  5. I want to go there when I make it to see you and your Mom!!! Looks like a beautiful place!


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