Monday, January 11, 2010

See the problem?

Work has halted on the fireplace. See that lovely piece of pine on top,?
It is NOT straight!
And of course, it is screwed on, puttied up, caulked in and primed.
I have to find the screws, cut the caulk, and take it off!
Dad said he has more MDF, and Bryan said the mantel needs to be two boards thick.
So, my next day off will be repairing this before I can move forward.


  1. From here it looks beautiful. Guess I better come up and get a closer look, huh?

  2. All that work! You could leave it and create a conversation piece...but knowing you it would drive you LOL!

  3. Looks good to me-but I'm not wearing my glasses right now! LOL! Can't wait to see it finished!


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