Monday, January 18, 2010

All Day today...

I Worked on THIS

Nasty isn't it?
You see, while I was busy building my fireplace surround and mantel,
NO ONE was cleaning up the kitchen!
Not the able bodied 44 year old man,
Not the able bodied 17 year old almost man,
Not the able bodied almost 15 year old man sized person,
Not the able bodied almost 13 year old man sized person,
My parents came by last night while I was trying to clean it up a bit, and Mom had some good Ideas for organizing it a bit better, so I dug in, and tore it up a bit more.

Now all the baking stuff is together.

I weeded out and organized the spice cabinet. I don't remember when I bought half the spices, so out they went.

And this mess gained a few more shelves.
But, I let Cannyn do the actual construction, electric drills, nailing guns, and levels are his favorite toys.
Now it looks like this!

I used the pine board taken off of the first attempt at the mantel. and some bits and pieces of the trim my brother in law sent home with me that I didn't use for the mantel.

( I couldn't resist sticking the camera in the pantry with Cannyn and snapping a picture while he worked)

Darian came home from practice while I was washing the inside of the refridgerator, so he decided to pitch in and help me. He wiped the freezer, tossed last summers popsicles and turkey burgers, and vacummed the coils for me.
In short, if it has a surface, it was cleaned today.

I even decorated above the cabinets!
( After Darian stood on the counters and sprayed and wiped all the grime from up there.)
Hmm. Just how long do you think it will stay that way?
Shall I take bets?
Oh, every thing that was removed from the kitchen is sitting on the dining room table,
Tomorrow, I sort it, and toss, and donate whatever doesn't belong anymore.
Oh, and I guess I should pay the bills I found in that mess!
I guess today was a productive day, even though I almost spent the whole day in one room of the house!


  1. The end result looks mighty fine!

  2. Oh my gosh - I need to be as inspired as you :) I bet you slept well last night!

  3. I hate taking everything out and seeing the HUGE task in front of me, but it is so rewarding when it is finshed! It is so sweet to see your son helping out too!! Love the finished product.

  4. Looks good Michelle my Belle. What a sense of accomplishment. I need someone to come climb up on my counters and wipe down my cupboard tops.

  5. Ugh! That is my day tomorrow...but your finished shot is inspiring. Thanks for that!

  6. First I'd kill the people who left the mess...but.....Do you want to come play at my house? It looks so good! We just did the same thing to my pantry...adding shelves that is. Please come play!

  7. Michelle, that looks fantastic! I've got to do something similar to my bedroom and bath!

  8. Lucky you! Looks wonderful. What's your workshop look like? :D

    FJ Donna

  9. I don't have a workshop. I work in there!


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