Friday, January 15, 2010

Fireplace is finished.

But, I can't show it yet, I still have to stain it. instead, I am going to show you what Darian made  for his Jazzmine class.

Every year, they make a sign, either by themselves, or in small groups. Darian chose to make his by himself, and ended up doing it VERY last minute, he finished it this morning in time to take it to school and turn it in.
 His teacher liked it so much, he left it plugged in all day,
The lights behind the head melted the hot glue,
The head fell off.
I guess I had better pick up some gorilla glue or some epoxy this weekend.
We learn through our trials right?


  1. Darian is very talented ... amazing work!

  2. ps ... can't wait to see to see the fireplace!

  3. That is awesome. He did a great job! I always do my best work under pressure :)

  4. That turned out wonderful! Really it's nice, asnice as I see o Etsy!

  5. Beautiful D. Amazing job, but gramma knows you have it in you.

  6. Wow! That is truly creative and beautiful. I think he gets his talent from his mother!


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