Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Real life gets in the way!

Oh, how I love showing you the After pictures, So I think I will!

They are so much happier than the Before Pictures!
That is the floor of my spare bedroom.
The room that is supposed to by MINE!
I want it to be my creaft room, Sewing space, Scrapbook room.
BUT IN REALITY, it is the don't know where this goes, throw it in there room.

Does it look any less disgusting if the picture is tiny?
In an attempt to clean up my act, I installed a closet system on the wall.
There is a table I painted white a few years ago. I thought it had great legs, but the top is BAD!
If I had room on it, I could use my sewing machine there!

This is going to seem like I am changing the subject for a moment, but you will get it in a minute.

I tell my sons there is always a way to earn money, you just have to be willing to do WORK!
People will often pay to have done what they don't have time or ability to do.
I don't have the ability to organize.
I have lots of time, but It just isn't easy for me to do. I get distracted, (SQUIRREL)
Remember It took me TWO DAYS to get my kitchen cleaned and organized.
and another to uncover my dining room table after cleaning and organizing my kitchen.
As a massage Therapist, my work has slowed as people are trying to meet their deductibles.
But, I still have more than most, and especially since most of my young friends cannot even get work in the fast food, retail entry level jobs. I know it isn't my responsibility to save the world, but I can help one person at a time right?

This is a sweet young friend in my life.

She works part time in her mothers store, but doesn't have a steady income, so the other day when she asked if she could do some cleaning for me, I thought for a split second and agreed.
We worked together today, organizing, labeling, sorting tossing, bagging, removing, relocating, and hanging all the extra pictures stacked, stuffed, and slipped into that room.
I found some real treasures in the bottom of that mess.
Like this...

It was hiding under the stuff boys have outgrown. It once had a place in my living room, but three rambunctious boys, it didn't last in there. Now it lights my work table.
Speaking of my work table, take a gander at this!
Yep, that is my sewing machine sitting on the table!
See those two tubs by the window? Guess what is in those?

really, it just looks like alot, It is probably enough to make 3 or 4 tote bags.

Notice the plethera of pictures in the room? I like to change the pictures in the living room  ALOT!
I have decorators ADHD
Well, Amber pulled them out of the piles on the floor and started hanging them up around the room.
DUH, Walls for pictures? Who woulda thunkit?
Alright, I think I got the better end of the deal.
I paid her a VERY fair wage, and now, my room is ready for me to start a project.
If I need to stop in the middle of a project, I can just close the door.
I don't have to clear the table to serve dinner.
Speaking of new projects, I am thinking of one that uses both the plastic bags, and the sewing machine. What is it? You are just going to have to wait and see!



  1. WOW< ! Want to omeplay at my house? That before room looks like my basement! AWESOME job! The room looks soooo much larger! and functional!

  2. I wish I had an extra room! It looks great and I'm glad it was win-win for both of you. Maybe I can hire her next!

  3. Karyn, You have really inspired me to get to work on my own studio space. It looks like yours did, and could be really good. Then I could take nice pictures and get organized and start my etsy store and...Now who can I hire?
    I'm on it! Thanks!

  4. Lindsay, she is the daughter of a high school friend. Her motherr owns Favorite Pastimes in Arlington, and yes, maybe if you have a little work for her or another friend I know, let me know. Karyn

  5. I agree Karyn, BEFORE an AFTER pictures are just so satisfying to look at... and yours are absolutely amazing!! Your BEFORE looks a little like our craft room about now... thus... your AFTER images have inspired greatly!! Plus, you remind me of how it feels soo good to be tidy (especially after a mess). Thanks so much for the great post!

  6. Way to go, your "new" room looks really good!!!

  7. Hi Karyn!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    You cleaned up and organized so well. What a nice space you have for your crafts and sewing.
    Now the trick is KEEPING it that way...that's always my problem :)
    Have a wonderful evening,

  8. AWESOME!!! Doesn't it feel great to have it all in it's places?!?! Ready, Set, Begin the crafting! :)

  9. Wow. You've been so busy and worked so hard lately on your place. Congrats on your 'new home.' :) I'm desperately trying to do the same!

    FJ Donna


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