Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teenager worthy!

I cannot do the painting because of my arm injury, so I hired a couple of my teenagers to do it for me.
Look at all the hole puttying we had to do, I wish we could figure out a way to hang posters with magnets or something!

Brystan has lived in this bedroom for 6 years. He has been asking for a change for two years. But I loved this room so I put it off as long as possible... He is 5'5" and 190 lbs, cannot fit a twin bed anymore, so with the bed change, I might as well update his entire room right? (Like I really need an excuse to decorate something.)

After taping off, the boys applied first primer, then What is this? Magnetic Primer! Put it on the wall, paint over it, and your walls are now magnetic! It is kind of scary though because it is BLACK!

The red head is a cousin I bribed to come home for the weekend and help. He lives on his own, so food and money are always acceptable bribes.
Darian and Talon are best cousin friends, and work well together, I enjoyed them working this weekend. I rarely had to tell them what to do next because they did such good work.

While those two were inside, I was outside spray painting furniture. Mom's old Iron bed used to be hunter green.

the base color of the walls, a real nice dove gray, not that you will be able to see it when we are finished.

Because next we spray painted the walls with a metallic silver! The Valspar representative was in Lowes when I was asking for help. He told me how to achieve this look was to "spray a few cans of silver over your gray paint"

UM... Try TEN CANS OF SILVER AT $4.5 EACH! Oh, yeah I went back into Lowes yesterday and right by the paintbrushes was a glaze that would have done the same thing, not poisoned two healthy young men, and Not made my house so toxic we had to leave for several hours while it aired out. That little bottle of glaze would have done a nice job of making a silver room at half the price, and get this. IT WAS VALSPAR! ( I will help you, I am the Valspar representative.)

The green dot is the Mr Yuck magnet off the refrigerator! Not all magnets are working on this wall, but the sticker kind seem stronger for some reason.

I scraped the silver off the closet when I was putting the shelves back in. So, this was my fix because I certianly wasn't going to spray paint again,

The final product, Fit for a teenaged boy. I hope I can get away with another 6 years...



  1. That is really cool! My son would have loved it if I'd let him do the same type of thing!

  2. have outdone yourself...Whitney wanted pink with black stripes we needed you, because it sure don't look that good!

  3. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you spray painted the room and that the Valspar rep let you! I can imagine the fumes! It looks like it was worth it in the end, though :)

  4. What a pretty room. But spray paint.. poor thing.. glad its over and done for you.. Wish I had someone like uh hum teen agers around here. LOL

  5. Very cool!!! I really liked the flag look also!!

  6. It looks like some kind of spaceship!The Valspar man probly' needed to fill a quota for spray cans!
    My 3 boys had all different ideas, Ger painted his and Huw's room yellow with blue woodwork himself, Dafydd covered all his walls in posters!Course as they all left home now....all gone or going when we move out.
    Grammas cake needed much bigger rocker then it might have looked more like horse!

  7. Oh, I loved the American flag wall, but I can understand a teenager wanting a change. It looks very space age, now. He must love it. Yeah, only the sticker magnets worked on my wall as well. What a shame.


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