Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall decorating ideas.

I learned a new term tonight, "Blurfing" It means blog surfing. You know when you click on your friends blog, then see one of thier friends blog that looks interesting. While looking at their blog, you see another that grabs your attention, and before you know it you are twenty blogs away from the original blog. WELL, That is what I have been doing all night. I found a few with some great fall decorating Ideas, and a few giveaways. SO...

If you want to go blurfing, and fall decorating seems interesting, check out some of these...

P.S. I have fixed the links, it doesn't like going to a specific post, so it will take you to the blog home page. You can find the decorating post from there...


  1. For some reason, your links don't work.

  2. Hmm, I will have to wait until someone smarter than me comes home from school to fix it... I think you can cut and paste to get there. SORRY! I am only slightly computer literate!

  3. Oh! Thats such a time suck that gets ne every time...I just saw 2 on you blog that led me to 3 others.....I've found some really goodones that way!


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