Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinner time!

I have sick people at my house, and it is a proven fact that chicken soup actually is good for you when you are sick.


Tonight, I made Chicken tortellini soup:

In a big stock pot I put chopped chicken, two boxes of broth, (I used chicken and vegetable because that is what I had on hand... And some herbs
I know, not fair right? This contains black pepper, garlic, sea salt, onion, parsley, cumin, paprika, and red and green bell peppers. I also cut up half an onion, and minced a couple of garlic cloves. Let that simmer until the chicken is cooked. Then I added two bags of frozen vegetable, (we like California blend) and a package of cheese tortillini. Once those are cooked all the way, then I dumped in two jars of alfredo sauce. Cook for 5-10 minutes longer, and serve!

I have also made this in the crock pot by putting the chicken, broth, onions, garlic, and herbs in in the morning, vegetables and tortillini in at mid day, and alfredo sauce 1/2 hour before serving. I imagine if you have very picky eaters, you can steam the vegetables on the side, puree them in the blender, and "hide" them in the creamy soup without anyone being the wiser. Todays alfredo sauce had roasted red peppers, but I have also used the one with sundried tomato bits, and plain, 4 cheese, and garlic. It is really a pantry staple here, so whatever flavor I have on hand goes into the soup.

Now, Who feels well enough to do the dishes?

On Second thought, unless you are feeding an army of giants like I am, or don't want leftovers, maybe you had better halve this recipe!

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  1. Thanks for participating uin my recipe swap! Looks yummy!

  2. Hey, Karyn, thank you for stopping by & joining the recipe party. I too, cook 6 days a week at least & I figured I'd get some new recipes to try out. Hope you'll come back & make yourself at home. I always have some fun things going on over there!

  3. I vote for your DH to do the dishes! lol

  4. That really sounds yummy! (Hope after the soup, the family is feeling better!) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sounds good! I assume there are no leftovers I could mooch? Not sure when it changed but I LOVE the new look!

  6. yummeee!! thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments...and as i see you linked back to me! yes, i only post my own photos and not images from the net. i'll tell you a little secret...i don't know how to upload from the net! as an empty nester, my hubby dpoes almost all the's great! and i do the dishes.

  7. thanks SO much for the recipe. i LOVE the clear setting you served the soup in. i bet it made the soup taste all the better!


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