Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Happened?

All that time, energy, and devotion just disappeared. I don't know why! So much has happened over the last 1+ year, and I don't even remember half of it! Those of you who follow my mom at know our family has been thrown around a bit this last 7 months. We are strong, we are being taught by the smartest woman I have ever met as to how to deal with this terrible beast. Kris, my sister is sick again, this time, cancer is all over her body, and yet she is dealing with it so much better than those of us who are well.
Darian went away to college, did extremely well, came home for summer, went back for fall, but our finances will not allow him to go back for winter, so he will be changing course for awhile.
Cannyn is now well over 6 foot. He has started dealing in coins, and has made several partnerships that appear to be quite profitable.
Brystan is also 6 foot tall, and is in his freshman year at High school. My how time flies! I will be back to catch you up soon, I promise I will not make you wait another year and a half!


  1. Hi Karyn,
    Every time I saw your last post I said a prayer that you were all okay! It looks like you are facing so many challenges! My heart goes out to you. Remember we are here, and keep us posted. We are with you and your dear sister!

    1. Sherry, Thank you so much. I just became bogged down last year. BUT God is good. We are overcoming that which was meant to tear us down! I have stayed busy, and now have lots of new blog fodder! I hope to be up and running again soon.
      For real.


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