Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prayer Please!!!

My sister in law (Jerri) has just had another stroke. She is 49 years old, married, with two adult children (married) and 5 grand children. This is her second stroke in two months. NOT GOOD! Please please please lift them up in prayer.
Thank you,


  1. Karyn, i will lift Jerri up in my prayers.That is awful young to be having strokes. Do she run high blood pressure ?
    I pray they didn't do a lot of damage ,physical or other wise.
    Our God is able to to heal her and the cause of these strokes. Only believe .
    I spent last night till 4;30am at emergency room with my 33 year old daughter passing another kidney stone.Her kidneys are full of them.
    God is our help and strength .Without him how hopeless I'd be.
    Elsie <><

  2. I just said a prayer for her and I will continue to do so.

    All my prayers,

  3. I just said one, and will continue to offer prayers for her and her family.

  4. Just saw your post, will keep them all in my prayers, hope to hear updates soon!

  5. Latest news is that She will be in the hospital for a few days, there is fluid in her lungs, and now they are calling it a seziure. I call it wierd! She needs more prayer since they don't know what it is exactly, they obviously can't treat it properly.


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