Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fairy Fun

Did you have as much fun this week as these girls did? Sorry, Evy is home, but the story will continue! You see, they are so jealous of Evy going away on a vacation, that they have decided to take one themselves. First stop... Katidids! Yep, they are on their way to see Katie! You will have to watch her to see when they arrive and what they do there!
Don't worry, Olivia will have these two fairies to take their place while they are gone. They will be house sitting that pretty pink, blue, purple, and yellow fairy house. Can't guarantee the boys will be faithful though!

So, one last good bye for Evy, for now. We will just have to wait and see where they pop up!
To see the whole fairy tale, go to My mothers' bloggy thingy! Now she can get back to her regularly scheduled programming!


  1. I can't wait! Don't worry Evy, I'll make sure the behave like propper young ladies........thats our story and were stickin to it!

  2. Too too funny - can't wait to see what their next adventure holds!

  3. So it was you....I had wondered if it was...I loved watching the adventure on Evy's blog!

  4. The other two live too far and one was with her. So, yeah I am the child she can't trust with her password!


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