Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Strength

All my life, I have been strong.
Physically if not always mentally.
This week I injured my arm at work. I was trying to get deep into the tissues of a clients back, and leaned into my stroke using my shoulder as the fulcrum.
My Bicipital tendon just popped out of the bicipital groove, and all of the sudden, I could not move my arm. I finished the massage using every ounce of creativity available to me. Then immediately had my doctor father look at my shoulder.
That was Friday. I spent the weekend unable to function, laying around with an ice pack on my shoulder, taking anti inflammatories, (NSAIDS) and napping. My poor husband does not know a thing about the kitchen, so his offerings for dinner included pizza (twice) corn dogs and french fries, Burger King, etc.
I am grateful for all he did this week, fixing said dinners, doing mountains of laundry, and working all weekend.
I did feel a little miffed! I am the one who keeps the house flowing, and here I am laying around like a baby, watching someone else do my job. And actually feeling critical of how he is doing it. What a wake-up call.
Some of the things I realized:
1. I can be an ungrateful B!
2. Jon can get the job done in his own way if allowed to.
3. My boys are SPOILED!
4. Even on my laziest of (healthy) days, I do alot of work.
5. I am so used to being the healer, I forget that God is the ultimate healer.
6. I have to ask for help. I cannot just assume that I can do everything all the time.
7. Now, this is the most important of all, I LOVE MY HUSBAND!
As I regain use of my arm, I am more appreciative of the things he does, little tiny gestures, like always doing the laundry, calling before driving home to see if there is anything I need from the store. Taking the boys out biking for the day, so I get quiet time. Taking those pesky side trips to pick up school things that keep popping up.
I have about 60% range of motion in my shoulder, Thanks to a trip to see another massage therapist, and another chiropractic adjustment. I have been applying Castor Oil to my shoulder because it works through the lymphatic system to remove inflammation. I have also been making a detoxifying juice using the juicer, so my healing is actually moving very rapidly. I still have no strength in my right arm, and have rescheduled all my appointments this week. I think I will try a little housekeeping, and maybe, just maybe, the family can have a healthy dinner tonight...
Thanks for praying for my healing. I have been sharing my progress on facebook, and I know everyone there has been praying.
LOVE, Karyn

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  1. Sorry you were hurt, good time for child labor! Let them see what u do for them, they may appreciate you more!


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